This video cracks me up. Hopefully not indicative of our future! :)


Out With the Old, In With the New!

Out with the adenoids, in with the tubes!! Ada had her surgery today- we are so ready for her hearing to be normal, for the constant congestion and ear infections to stop, and to be finished with the incessant doses of antibiotics (and therefore yeast infections). It was a nerve racking morning, and a fussy/clingy rest of the day- but it will be well worth it!
Whew.... I think I've blogged enough in the past few days for the rest of the year (that's only a few days away, people!)
6am arrival-ready to go!
Playing in the waiting room...

In her scrubs. She had to be given loopy medicine because she was acting like a holy terror in the surgery waiting room!
The Surgery Police

Christmas #6: The Dowells

We might not have had a whole 12 days of Christmas; but we got half way there! Christmas Day evening we spent at Grandma and Grandpa's. Here is a quick video:

Christmas #5: Mobley Money Hats

.... after Ada's nap on Christmas Day (a rather long one, after playing her heart out with her new toys!), we headed to Uncle Christian's to have a Very Mobley Christmas! Grams always gives us $50 pinned to some sort of hat. Some years she hand makes them, some years something random and crazy catches her attention! This year we donned Cat in the Hat hats!

Front (l-r): Stacy, Christian, Andi, Alicia, Ricky

Back (l-r): Rick, Drew, MiMi, Dani, Ada and Casey, Donny


Christmas #4: The REAL Christmas!

We woke up Christmas morning and Santa Clause had come!!! Here are some pictures and videos:
Demolished Santa's neat display...

Just like Mom- coffee and breakfast in the car!

Casey's Mom used to make homemade cinnamon rolls for breakfast every Christmas morning. Although we just use the frozen Pillsbury kind; we're carrying on the tradition!

Some clips of Ada's second Christmas.


Christmas #3: MiMi's House

.... we got back in from Oklahoma suuuper early on December 23rd; and MiMi came over to watch the bug while we unpacked and napped (we'd driven through the night. And Casey is the only one who slept- I had missed my Mom so I stayed awake and we went to Luby's with The Bug!) Then, Christmas Eve evening we went to her house to have our 3rd Christmas of 2009. Drew was at work (bah-humbug!); so we proceeded without him. Ada had asked Santa for a play kitchen for Christmas, so MiMi got her a bunch of pretend pots, pans, plates, and food. Books, of course, and some other toys.

Christmas #2- Bartlesville, OK

Next up, Christmas with Grandma's side of the family!! Her sister, Marilyn, lives in the house that they grew up in together (and have had Christmas in every year for as long as they can remember, I think!) - so it's always a special time when we are all able to be there together. It's a 9 hour drive from Houston, and Ada did A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!! We were able to time things perfectly (and were very successful in wearing our bug out in a major way)- so she slept almost the entire time on all of our long drives. (She also kept up a pretty good bedtime and sleep schedule- which I'm SO THANKFUL for; she's only been soothing herself to sleep and sleeping all night for a few weeks, so I was worried this was going to wreak havoc on all of our hard work!) Here are some pictures and videos:A bow obsession.

Opening Gifts- and doing a fabulous job of throwing the paper away after herself!


Christmas #1- Pop and Honey

We're having more Christmases than a family deserves this year!!! First off, we went to Tyler to see Pop, Honey, Kyle, and Kendall. We only stayed one night- because next up was a very long drive to Bartlesville, Oklahoma. (That will be the next post!) Here are some pictures, and a sweet video of Ada at the Caldwell Zoo (where we took her to wear her out before our 7 hour drive up to OK that afternon- the well devised plan worked perfectly!)

Helping Pop open his gift- an Aggie Snuggie!
Opening gifts with Pop and Honey! Ada got lots of cute outfits and a tea set. And a toy box that had already been delivered, assembled, and used before we even left for Tyler!

*Honey (my stepmom) just had her Thyroid completely removed after a huge tumor appeared out of nowhere- keep her recovery in your prayers; she's not feeling really hot!*

Holding hands with Daddy (left) and Pop (right)

This white tiger wanted to eat my baby for an afternoon snack. He stalked her up and down the window. Pretty eerie, actually.

Considering how obsessed with Penguins Ada is; I thought she'd get more of a kick out of the Penguin Exhibit at the zoo. Apparently the ones in our yard (and her arms- that's Gwyn Bird she's holding) are more exciting than the real deal...

Walkin' Around at The Caldwell Zoo



Diaper Diaries

Here is a random video of Ada's adorableness. It's 3 minutes long, so get a beverage and a bowl of popcorn....



I will get the professional picture scanned in and uploaded at some point- but here is a little preview of Ada's photoshoot with Old Saint Nick this year....

"Daddy!!! He's a fake!!!!"


Texans vs. Colts

We went to our second Houston Texans game with Casey's parents on Sunday- they played the Colts and the first half was AWESOME!! I will refrain from commenting on the second half and stirring up any extremely negative emotions that Casey has so successfully repressed after the game!! Like I've mentioned in previous posts, their seats are PHENOMENAL- we were just a matter of feet from the Colts sideline. More imporantly, Peyton Manning! He even raised his glass of Gatorade to Sandra as we yelled his name like school girls, gave him thumbs-ups, and snapped his picture like the paparazzi. :) Here are a few shots from the game:Still happy in the first half...


Melvin Bullitt played for A&M. He also dated my old roomate, but I didn't approve. Casey wanted this picture.

Did anyone watch the old "Girls Next Door" or "Kendra?" This is Kendra's boyfriend, Hank Baskett!