Donuts with Dad

It was "Donuts with Dad" day at Ada's school today!  Casey's been looking forward to this since we saw it on the agenda in August. :)

They had a really nice time- and Ada made Casey a card with a pretty picture of herself. They are so adorable!

LOTS more to blog about lately- and by lots, I mean we bought a new house!  :)  
More to come, it's crazy right now getting everything together to close and then do a few cosmetic changes on it... 


Picnic at the Park

Last Friday the kids and I ran a bunch of errands, and I promised them all morning that if their behavior was perfect we would have a picnic at the park for lunch.

They were total angels the entire time, 
and we had such a great time doing something so simple (and cheap)!  
I will definitely be using that "reward" (bribe) again soon...



Some random videos I've taken lately- I love these kiddos!

Entertaining ourselves with the video camera "switched" so the kids can see themselves being filmed- this one's long.  And pointless.  :)
Ada doing "The Robot" at dinner last weekend- she cracks me up!!!  
I don't know when or where she picked this up!  
And the kids "playing" piano at MorMor's house! :)

Dax- 18 months

So I'm a little late- he turned 18 months the day of Ada's party at Moody Gardens on 9/16!  At least I've beat his 19th mirthday...

I cannot believe how old, big, and mature this kid is!  If you look at the pictures I posted of them on School Picture Day, I feel like he looks like he's 18 years instead of 18 months!  
And I feel like he understands things I say to him well beyond his years, too.  (It's kind of eerie to say something like "Dax, grab your paci- it's around the corner behind the couch.  Then go drop it into the sink and get a clean one off of the counter."... and watch him follow those directions exactly.)

He is so funny- curious about EVERYTHING (therefore INTO everything!), and learning like a fiend.  

He is learning manners (last video of the group!), lots of words, colors (he know several colors if you ask him "which is _____?"... but still calls them all "red"!), the concept of counting (I guess?  He just says "one, one, one, ooonneeee!") and he seems super coordinated (and also daring) to me.  

He LOVES to play outside (and is SO good about staying away from the street like a good boy!), he LOVES gymnastics (the first three videos!), naps terribly but sleeps great at night.  He eats constantly (that's actually slowing down a bit- I guess his 6 month growth spurt is leveling out), and is doing SO well staying home.  I love him to pieces!!!!!

Here are some videos I've taken of him recently, at 18 months.  :)

On the rings at gymnastics- his favorite!  (The "weengs!")
He does so awesome on the balance beam, so I was trying to get a video of him sailing down it- but he was really wanting to go get his stamp for the end of class instead.  :)
Talking about his stamp.  
One of my favorites- his table manners.  :)

Goofin' Around

Now that I am no longer on the verge of a nausea-induced coma, we are having fun again! These are just some random shots over the last few weeks (months, almost?) of us goofing around...

Some Saturday mornings we like to go outside and drink our chocolate milk/coffee and wait for the garbage truck- because we're interesting like that.  And yes, this is a body outline around my 18 month old.  :)

Ada picked this lovely outfit out for playing one day....  LOL!

Riding bikes- Ada did a lot of complaining, and Dax pressed Princess music buttons the entire time.  Also, when did Ada learn how to ride a bike??  I was trying to teach her this summer before morning sickness hit, and then 2 months later she's miraculously pedaling up and down the sidewalk!

Visiting MorMor, "playing" her piano- one of our favorite pastimes!  

School Picture Day

OK, our keyboard has been out of commission for the last few weeks, but magically began connecting to our computer again a few days ago- so I'm warning you, I'm about to bombard you with posts.  :)  
I'll start with the one fresh in my mind, from this morning.  

It was school picture day at Sonshine School this morning!  And although Dax isn't lucky enough to get to go yet, he got to join in on the action.  Here's a little sneak peak- I can't wait to get the professional shots! :)
Ada is OBSESSED with leopard.  She has about 4 different leopard-inspired outfits...

Ada's cutie hair-do-

Speaking of cutie hair-dos, I've learned how to french braid!  I've always envied people who were able to "do hair", so I watched a YouTube video one day and made Ada sit still for an hour until I mastered the art.  I love it, and Ada loves it- so it's a win-win! :)
First attempt- not perfect!

But good enough.

Please excuse the excessive laundry... :)