Swimming Lessons :)

We had our 3rd weeks of swimming lessons today! It's going so well- we love Fleet First! :)
Jumping in-
Learning to climb out independently on the ledge-
Ada can do it!
Ada working on floating on her back- she's going great!

Dax would probably be able to float if he could grasp the concept of "still" and "relaxed"...

He told me later he doesn't like to float on his back because water gets in his ears. When I showed him these pictures of them at lessons, he kept saying "uh oh! Water in mah ears!"
Dax lives for this- 5 minutes of free play time at the end of class. :)
We WERE planning on going to the park afterwards, but Dax chose to continue hanging on the shower curtains in the dressing room after class- so we lost our park privileges. So we are now sitting in the driveway playing at home- probably having just as much fun! :)



I've been so bad lately about posting the funny things my kids say!!! And they are seriously funny. Here are some off the top of my head- most of them happened either today or this weekend. 

Me: Ok Ada, we are going to teach Dax how to count to 10 with these gummy bears.
Dax: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 two 
Me: .... Ok, here's some gummy bears I guess....

Dax: I spy with my little eye something that is CROUTONS!

Ada: This day is totally INSANE!!!

I'll post more as they come to me, and as they say them! :)

Tate Face - 12 Weeks

Tater is 12 weeks today! How is he 12 weeks!?!?!?? I want him to stop it. Stop getting bigger- although I have mixed emotions about halting the growing bc he does something cuter everyday. This weekend we heard his first giggle! He's been "squealing with glee" for a long time- but on Sunday, when we were waiting "backstage" before the Baby Bible Presentation, I was cutting up with the other couples. Laughing, acting goofy, and I'm sure making ridiculous faces. I wasn't even looking at Tate- but after I laughed at something, I heard a "a-huh!" from Tate- I look over at him and he's leaning on Casey's chest, staring at me with the biggest smile on his face. I asked him of that was a giggle (enthusiastically of course), and he guffawed again!!! It was the cutest thing ever. His giggle is manly- with a low tone and to the point! Now I've spent his every waking moment trying to get another laugh from him- I've squeezed a few out! But mostly more of that adorable smiley face I love so much. 

I've already posted these next two, they're from our pool day yesterday- but he's actually giggling in them! :)


Memorial Day

What a fun Monday! We spent Memorial Day weekend grilling out with neighbors in our driveway, grilling out alone in our backyard, swimming at Grams and Papa's, and today we ventured up to the Bridgeland Waterpark. I was anxious to go to gauge wether I thought I could handle all 3 alone over the summer. I'm afraid that's past my threshold for now- but hopefully MorMor and Mimi will want to visit a few times a week to get their hands on Tate so I can still let the kids enjoy the coolest neighborhood pool ever! :) We topped off the day with Sonic Happy Hour- a perfect 3 day weekend! 

Dax has this new "thing" where he does all of these freeze poses and says he's being a robot. It is so bizarre and hysterical! 

Adult swim = picnic time!


Baby Bible Presentation

Our church presents new babies with their own first bibles when they're born- and Tate got his today in front of the congregation. He was very polite and waited until it nice and quiet for a prayer to start crying loudly!! :)

Avoiding Naptime...

Someone was avoiding his nap this afternoon. Keeping himself awake by watching me fold 8 loads of laundry... :)


It's SUMMER!!!!

Ada had her last day at Fairfield Baptist on Thursday!!! She has been SO happy there this year, had made a best friend for life (Eli), and adored her teachers. They did lots of cute crafts and taught her lots of bible stories, verses, and songs. However- we are SO ready for summer!!!! 

Here is a picture of her on her first day of school in September, and her last day on May 23- can you believe the difference? Wow, they grow SO fast. 

Awesome Neighbors

We seriously picked the best possible street to move to. Our neighbors are AWESOME- and almost everyone has little kids. Several times we've grilled out in our driveway and it's turned into a block party, and we went to the Krugers both days last weekend and swam in their awesome pool ALL day on Saturday and Sunday! It was SO fun... 

Tate and Maizy hanging in the shade-

Jumping off the waterfall-
Dax loved jumping too- this is from the hot tub ledge, but he'd jump from anything!
They even have a sno cone machine!!

Tate Face- 11 Weeks

OMG how adorable is he??