Photo Dump

Dax can efficiently open doors, now.  And is currently trying to figure out if these door knob covers will come off if he spins them around enough.

Ada and I have been watching lots of Shark Week- this episode had her a little spooked, but she really has enjoyed watching and learning about the killer fish!

Her new "school" starts in a few weeks (first week of September)- she needed a "regular" sized backpack, so we found the perfect one!

And embellished it just a bit with a big heart and her name. :)  She helped me do the monogramming.

I love this picture of Dax eating a warm, gooey chocolate chip cookie.

I got my classroom officially packed up and cleaned out for my replacement- it was a little sad that day, but I will definitely keep in touch with my dear friends that I made during my time at Katy.  And it is so nice to wake up from the nightmares that plague me every August about rolling into school at noon or showing up naked or cussing out a student- and reminding myself that I don't have to go back this year!


Dax's First Haircut! Sort of...

Dax got his first hair cut!  And by "hair", I literally mean a few stray hairs... 


Video: Kids Swimming

This is a little (sort of) random video of the kids swimming in the backyard this weekend.  
Ada is jabbering away like usual, and Dax is climbing things with a mouthful of food like usual!  :)


Long Time, No Post!

So 3 weeks might be the longest I've ever gone without blogging- not much has been going on around here outside of the same 'ole same 'ole.  It is SO DARN HOT, we aren't playing outside, or going on walks, or going on any fun outdoor adventures.  Our days pretty much consist of playing indoors, running errands, or going to our few scheduled classes.  We are definitely ready for fall so we can begin living it up again!  We are getting a little restless.

So, here are a few pictures I've taken over the last few weeks to sum up the void in my blog! :)

I.  Cannot. Get. Enough. OF. HER!  
This is Ada at swimming lessons, and I just want to eat her up in her pink goggles.  

Casey got Lasik!!!  His eyesight has improved lots- one eye still has a little to go, but the doctor said that some people's isn't instant- that it can take up to a month.  
So, a few more weeks to go!  But he's loving wearing these goggles to sleep every night for 2 weeks, let me tell you!  
(Can't be rubbing your recently operated on corneas!)

My sweet Ada had 2 cavities at her last dentist check up.  :(  I feel like a slacker mom- I don't know what we could have done differently, but I know that I didn't get cavities until I was in college and eating candy and diet coke in bed at 3 am.  
Poor girl got them filled and her teeth sealed, and was put under "conscious sedation" for the procedure.  Basically the dentist got her drunk.  It was very uncomfortable for me (and Ada), and I hope we never have to deal with that again.  
It took almost the entire day to wear off completely so she could walk (and even hold her head up)- and she threw up a few times in the process.  :(
This is her immediately after in the recovery room- mumbling about baby lions!
MorMor has been coming over lots and helping me out tons!  This day she was the one that cleaned up all of Ada's post-procedure puke.... Thanks, MorMor!

MiMi got a new puppy named Buster! He's adorable, and the kids love him. Well, Dax is actually a little nervous of him.  All 4 lbs of him! Can you find him in the pile of toys!?

Dax eats ALL of the time.  Like, seriously every hour...

He also takes his pants off if you put him down for a nap before he's too tired...

Grams and PaPa bought us tickets to see the LION KING!!!!  We left Dax at home with a sitter, and MorMor came with us!  Ada is excited-

Our seats were beyond amazing!!!!!

Just goofing around with MiMi at MorMor's house!  :)  These were BawBaw's...

And, my favorite picture for last.  I had taken Ada to a girly movie, so Casey and Dax had a boy day at Bass Pro Shop.  They had their picture taken at a campsite- I LOVE my handsome boys!!!