My Cup Runneth Over - Large Wall Art, by the Kids

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A Day at the Park + My New Camera

We got slushies and headed to the park one afternoon so the kids could play and I could play with my camera- this was a few weeks ago :)

 I know the next 2 are blurry… but GEEZE his smile makes me smile!

 Eating mulch like a fiend-

 These last 3 were from Jammie Day at Ada's school last week- she'd been looking forward to and counting down for it for weeks!!!

Sweet Pa-Tate-ah

Snuggling and playing in the playroom on an icy afternoon- love this cutie!  He's been working on how to blow kisses- here are a few videos  :)

And he called me mama today!  He actually said it the other night when I went to tuck him back in after waking up fussing; but I wasn't sure if I'd heard him correctly so I let it pass- but he DEFINITELY said mama today.  Sitting in his high chair.  Eating his lunch.  Nothing like when a baby says "mama" on purpose for the first (or second- or third-or 100th) time!  So, I decided to take 100 pictures of him to remember exactly what he looked in that moment!  Naked and messy and snotty :)



Want some chewed up cantaloupe, mom?!

Monkey Joes

We've been cooped up a lot lately due to cold and icy weather- so we went up to Monkey Joes today to get the wiggles out!  

Dax on the slide- cracked me up!

Tate in the bouncies- 

Ridin' Bikes

Dax has begun riding a "big boy bike" lately- he's really getting the hang of it!  He loves to go super fast- something he just just couldn't manage on his lil ole trike :)  He we are at a park recently on one of those awesome Houston January days in the high 60s :)



I am no camera techie- I don't even know what DSLR stands for unless I sit and think about it really hard, which I'm not going to do right now!  Or even google it- because I'm too excited to share the photos I've taken with my NEW AWESOME CAMERA!!!  All I know is this is the most awesome thing ever.  It takes the best pictures.  I love it.  I regret regret regret not just sucking it up and saving up for one a long time ago!  They are so much more affordable now, though- and I'm sure the technology is even better (like, I just have to choose which "mode" I want to shoot in- I don't have to adjust anything like a real photographer would.  "Kids", "food scene", "portraits", and "candlelight" are a few preset "scenes" I've played with and they are all amazing.  Obviously "portrait" is my favorite because it comes out with the highest quality- but even on "kids" I've gotten shots of the kids I would never get with my iPhone or old camera (which has been collecting dust in a drawer for 2 years because it just wasn't that much better than my phone camera).

So, without further adieu, here are the best pictures I've ever taken in my life! I can't wait to cover my entire house with photos :) As you can see- what began as some tinkering with my camera became an all day Spiderman photoshoot!

 I love love love this girl.

 Eating mulch- per usual!
Oh my heart explodes when I see this picture of my precious Spidey.
Dax: "Mom, you just call me if you need anything."
Me: "Ok!  I sure will."
Dax (from the other room, 3 seconds later): "OK!  CALL ME NOW!"

I'm hell bent on making Dax and Tate's birthday party invitations this year.  Why?  Because I'm stupid. But this is SO the picture I'm going to use for Dax's, I think! (Dax is having a Super Hero party!)

 I'm not very good with indoor shots yet- I need to play around some more with the settings, I guess- but it's still better than what I would've taken!