Prodigal Son

I'm beginning to believe that my son is a baby prodigy. He's been hitting milestones super early his whole life (all 10 weeks of it)... but yesterday takes the cake. He rolled over at 2 months old. And it wasn't a fluke, he did it more than once. And he did it after we positioned his arms to prevent him from rolling over again. At this rate, he's going to be reading by the age of 1, and competing in his first Ironman by 3! :)


It's War...

Our garden is faring MUCH better this year! Casey's proving to have quite the green thumb. And my thumb that apparently secretes vegetable killing poison has stayed out of it. :) My favorite is the basil and parsley- I've made lots of pesto this spring!

The tomatoes are doing great too-
But we have a pest that also loves our tomatoes. A bird. The same bird everytime. If we accidentally let a tomato get to the perfect ripeness before picking it, the bird is there first.

So Casey spent hours one afternoon constructing this scarecrow.

It didn't work. In fact, the bird inspects it with interest. Right before hopping in the garden and pecking the heck out of a juicy tomato.

So Casey took it up a notch.

He bought a BB gun at Wal-Mart today and has been at "Target Practice" all afternoon. Get ready for the next pictures, you might pee your pants.

This is my favorite vermin-

Wish him luck! I'll let you know when the war is won! :)


Dax- 2 Months

Dax is 2 months old today!! And it's my last day of maternity leave. :*( I really don't have to go back to work this year. And I'm wondering why I'm doing this to myself. I do have a few loose ends to tie up for my year next year, and the few dollars more a month I'll make by going back for 2.5 weeks will be nice. But is it worth leaving my babies? We have had an AMAZING 2 months, and I'm so sad it's over. I want to stay home next year, but Casey thinks it'd be stupid. Which, I guess it is since nothing can ever be completely certain in his business... but I can wish, right!?

Anywho- here is Dax's 2 month Monster photo shoot!!! He is so squishy and adorable and perfect!

And, I REALLY thought I'd posted all of these a few days ago, but I can't find that blog post anymore! So, I'm re-posting them just in case.

Dax-7 weeks

Dax-7 weeks

Dax- 7.5 weeks


Dax-7.5 weeks

Dax-7.5 weeks

Dax-7.5 weeks

Dax- 8 weeks

And, here's that adorable guy in action. 7.5 weeks-

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Naked Coloring


My New Tattoo!

Well, I did it! I got my Dax tattoo. And I LOVE it! I already had my ladybug tattoo that I got for Ada Bug.
This is one of my all time favorite memories and pictures of Ada and me. I really wish I could've brought Dax along with me for this tattoo, too- but a tattoo parlor at 11pm on a Saturday night just isn't the place for a 2 month old!

We went with the Schilhabs for Katy's 30th birthday, because we were both wanting wrist tattoos! Here's Katy and I at Shaw's posing in the same spot Ada and I stood 2 years ago:

A little nervous! My moral support from behind the tattoo area:

Getting tatted! Loved this guy- Joel.

Then it was Katy's turn... and she chickened out! ;) It's OK, though... it's a good excuse to go on another double date again soon! Plus she ended up tweaking her design a little after we left.And here it is, in all it's glory! I designed it (I designed the ladybug, too), and am so proud of it and in love with it. The shamrock on the "x" symbolizes a couple of things. #1) Christian (Dax's middle namesake) has a 3 leaf shamrock tattoo, and several of the Mobley boys have also gotten shamrocks since. #2) Dax was born the day before St. Patrick's Day! #3) Both of my kids now have badges that symbolize good luck. :)

Yes, I know it's off centered. That was intentional- I have an affinity for assymetry. :)

It's a tad bigger than I was wishing to go, but it was either go smaller and risk the letters and shamrock becoming one big blob by the time I'm 40.. or go a little bigger and ensure a crispy clean tat for a lot of years! So I went big, and plan on getting a nice, chunky watch to wear to work!! :)


Garage Sale Win!

We had a garage sale today (Westgate actually had a huge community garage sale, so we joined in the excitement)- and it was a total success! Lots of baby toys and clothes went to new homes. We made $650! We always make a pretty concerted effort to manage our money well- we are not necessarily frugal (thanks to me), but at least level-headed. So we've decided to use this money for fun. We aren't going to save one penny of it, or use it to pay one bill! We have been brainstorming all day about the possibilities, and I think we have about $6000 of it already allocated. ;)Ada "shopped" all day. She was SO good, SO patient, and SO understanding- so she is going to get a mini-shopping spree after her nap today, too. Which she can't quit talking about. :) And, if it weren't for her marketing of the toys (showing the patrons how to properly play with them), we wouldn't have made nearly as much!

*This car wasn't for sale, by the way. In fact, we had to eventually hide it because people were pulling over specifically to buy that thing!*



My daughter cracks me up! She's said some things in the past 2 days that have made me laugh out loud, and I have to write down so I will remember forever!

1. She earned a prize for filling up a potty sticker chart (well, it was actually only half way full. And that took months. I thought the prize might jump start the desire to continue pottying. It didn't. That's another blog.). I went and grabbed one out of the stash of AWESOME presents I've been picking up for her here and there- a Tiana princess doll from Princess and the Frog. When I gave it to her, and her excitement wore off, she said to me: "I got Tiana for going potty! Next I'll get Snow White." (Snow White IS in fact in this stash of prizes.) I asked her how she knew this. Reply: "They're all in Mommy's closet!" It just makes me chuckle thinking about her poking around my closet, finding these enticing presents, and never once touching them or asking me about them.. just staring at them through the clear Rubbermaid!

2. We were playing in the backyard this week, and out of nowhere Ada says: "Mom, have any pot??" It took me a second to realize she was asking if I had the FLOWER pots- or at least knew where they were. Ha!

3. Casey had excused himself to the restroom last night, and Ada was DYING to go in there with him- she loves to know that she's not the only pooper in the world. He shut and locked the door, so she dropped to her stomach and watched from the crack. "Daddy! I can see your TOES! But I can't see your feet."

4. She comes to me from the movie room and tells me she's "watching birds." With this set of Lego binoculars she constructed ALL BY HERSELF! I was seriously impressed. She could tell she'd done something she should be very proud of, because she posed for LOTS of pictures!

Love this little lady bug!


Heath and Jamie's Wedding!

Casey's old roommate Heath got married this weekend- we had a wonderful time, the wedding was GORGEOUS (in New Braunfels ON the river!), and are so happy for Heath and Jamie! Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures. But there are pictures of what Ada and Dax and MiMi did while we were away! :)

First of all- these are the bottles I made for Dax. Lots of hard work went into pumping for this day! Just had to document it, haa!
Casey and I had left an empty bottle of wine on the back porch from the night before.. so Dax decided to practice waiting tables.

"I made a castle!"

Biker princess:

This is the only picture from the wedding. Ridiculous, but pretty much the story of our lives when we're with these guys! Especially John.



I could not catch Dax's cutest-smile-on-Earth on camera if my life depended on it! Probably because the last thing I want to do when I'm getting those smiles and coos from him is to look away for a second to get my camera! But, here is a shot I got of a subtle version of his gummy grin! :)

Oopsie Poopsie!

Dax was making some of the cutest, funniest faces the other day... ... and then I found out why: