4th of July at the Lakehouse!

My Uncle Rick has an awesome lake house on Lake Livingston, and we haven't been in forever!!!  
So we packed up the kids and went for the day on the 4th.  
I'm not sure if those kiddos have ever had more fun!!

We rode the jet skis-
Dax yelled "VROOM BUM BUM BUM" the entire ride!  He loved it.

We (Daddy, Ada, and Steve) fished-

 No lie, Ada caught FIVE catfish!!!

We jumped off of the rope swing into the lake!

We rode the boat!  I thought Dax would LOVE the boat 
(he's obsessed with all modes of transportation), 
but he was a little apprehension when the loud motor came on.  
And then the wind in his eyes kind of sent him overboard (no pun intended!)...

Dax, calming down long enough to take the wheel with Uncle Rick 
driving back to the dock to drop him off! :)

Ada, on the other hand, LOVED the boat ride.

MorMor hung out with Dax while we all continued on boating.

Ada somehow passed out cold while out!

We swam lots.

And here is *almost* the entire fam!  We are missing James, Andi, & Colleen, and Audrey.  Wait, where's Eric?!  He was there, but missed the picture apparently...

There's Steve!!
 And here is the original photo circa 2003 displayed at the lake house that we were re-creating. :)  Everyone's positions are the same!