Glam Girl Gift Sets @ Sweetish Baby!

Visit Sweetish Baby's latest blog post about our newest gift set- for the Glam Baby Girl!  Here's a little sneak peak-
The bow socks are just killing me. To die for!!


Dax- 8 months

Dax turned 8 months old on November 16 - I cannot believe it!  He's crawling a million miles a minute, getting into EVERYTHING (I caught him tangled up in the bars of the side table the other day), and scaling around on the furniture. 

He's saying "mamamamamamamamamamama" and "dadadadadadadadada" and "bababababababababa" ... sometimes intentionally at the correct person. ;)  And sometimes we SWEAR he mimics the number of syllabals we are using.  (Typically three.  And it's typically "I love you." Coincidence?  I'm going to pretend not!)

I think he believes he knows the sign for "more"- although he's actually just banging both hands on his highchair tray (as opposed to tapping his fingertips together for the actual sign).  He's eating tons of solids- sweet potatoes are still his fave.

I always pick him up first from school (because big siblings aren't allowed in the baby rooms)- and then we go together to get Ada.  His face totally lights up when he finds her in the classroom- it melts my heart. 

I know I always say it, but he's growing up way too fast!  Here are the shots from our sick-boy monster photo shoot this Sunday-

Been a while...

It's been a while since a meaty post.  It's funny how that goes- the more going on, the more you want to blog about, but the less time you have to do so.  Now that I'm taking the time to sit at the computer and write one, I can't remember everything I've been storing away in my frontal lobe.

I'll just blabber about the last 5 days.  Would you ever guess these adorable kids weren't feeling well?

They're totally sick.  Dax's teachers had been telling me for days they thought he was under the weather, but I wasn't seeing it.  He finally woke up about 3am on Thursday morning running a MILD fever, so I decided to go ahead and get him checked out by the doctor.  Lo-and-behold: double ear infection (one of which is severe), and nasty upper respiratory infection.  So nasty, in fact, that he has to have breathing treatments of albuterol.  :(

Dax taking his albuterol. 
 The good thing?  I got to miss 2 days of work and snuggle, snuggle, snuggle him!!!

Dax's began at 3am on Thursday... Ada's began at 4am on Saturday.  Casey and I wake up with her crying at the side of our bed "I just had a dream about creepy shadows... and I throwed up in my beeeeeddddd."  It was so sad, and such a mess. She felt icky all weekend, too. 

Snuggling on the pallette with her "Rat Princess" that Aunt Andi sent her from NYC!

Daddy built her a BOMB fort that she lounged in all day Saturday and Sunday and watched movies. 
Everyone is seemingly on the mend.  Dax has been on antibiotics for 5 days, though, and his ears are still bothering him.  He's also still sounding really rattle-y in the chest- tack on the email that I got from daycare today saying one of his friends in his classroom has RSV (a baby lung virus)- we are going back to the doctor tomorrow for a re-evaluation.  And then we're off for Thanksgiving break, yay!

And, something super random, but made my entire weekend:  Dax discovered the property of "elasticity."  He realized he could "pop" my elastic headband- and he sat there and popped it like a slingshot for a good ten minutes. (Such a boy!) 

He'd pop it.  Look at me.  Wait for my reaction (which was totally ridiculous in between shots with camera phone!).  Smile and giggle.  Then pop it again. And again.  And again.

This was one of the pictures I'd captured in the midst of all the popping!!  I cannot get enough of it!  This boy makes me smile so hard.


McDonald's Strawberry Banana Smoothie Recipe Uncovered...

I know I have a TON of things I need to update the blog about.  Halloween.  Family Pictures.  Dax's 8 month monster photo shoot (which still hasn't happened, because he's sick), recent Adaisms (and there are plenty that I'm quickly forgetting!), all of the new adorableness up for sale at Sweetish Baby, etc. 

But, I'm choosing to use my sparse free time to blog about the trivial things.  Like figuring out how to make an exact duplication (except without the high fructose corn syrup, and $3 pricetag of course) of McDonald's Strawberry Banana smoothie- which Ada can't seem to get enough of. 

Is it sad that that is the negative reinforcement that works best for us?  Not "you're about to get a time-out", or "You are about to lose your TV privileges for the day"... it's "You are about to lose the opportunity to get a "smoovie" on the way home!" 

See below for my make-shift, grossly unprofessional recipe! 

In the blender:
  • 1/2 soft banana
  • About 6-7 large frozen strawberries (8-9 if they're small)
  • Cover the fruit about 75% with whatever-milk-you-have-on-hand.  It looks about like 1 cup.
  • A liberal splash (on the verge of a pour) of french vanilla creamer.
Blend, and Oila!  It makes enough for a HUGE serving (think- 20 oz), or 2 smaller servings (think- straw sippy cup and small juice glass for mom!)


O.M.G! Family Pictures!

Visit this link: http://robmilton.zenfolio.com/dowells - to see our family pictures from our photo session with Rob Milton Photography a few weekends ago!  Warning: some of them he included in our catalog because they are just plain hilarious!  :) 

Now, I need to go to sleep- about 2 hours ago!

Sweetish Busy Baby

These are the orders we've received in the past week (the last 2 are just gifts- orders I've put in myself, if you will!)- and this is just via word of mouth, mostly from school!  (And we had 3 orders last week!  2 taggies and an Interchangeable Tie Onesie.) I'm so excited to see what will happen if/when I actually have the time to advertise.  As you can see- the "Baby-Shower-Gift-In-A-Bag" seems to be taking off-


Happy Birthday, Grandma!

Coloring you a picture!  The blue blobs are toys.

Happily watching from the sidelines!  "Happy birthday, Grams!"

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRAMS!!!  We miss you!!!  (Sorry for the little devil red-eyes in the picture!)