Pure Bliss

Ada is in heaven in this picture- it's Saturday night.  She's in her "short-sleeved-Rapunzel-jammes-with-the-tutu-skirt-at-the-bottom." She's watching a movie on the iPad. Drinking a "Starbucks".  {I LOVE HER!}

New Adaisms

Oh, my daughter!  Love, love, love her!
  1. MiMi and Steve took Ada for the night over Spring Break, and went to Kemah on Monday.  She had a BLAST- and loved the "steering wheel" - the Ferris Wheel!
  2. "Daddy, quit SINGING!  Your mouth is NOT a radio!"
  3. Me: 'That broke mama's heart when you fell off of your swing and got hurt."  Ada: "Oh, your heart is broken?  Well, mine is fixed." 
  4. She has a pet puppy she's named "Buffalo."  In fact, one day she was looking for any excuse to say naughty words, and his name became "Buffalo-Go-Away."  Apparently he's Native American.  {We also had another stuffed animal that day with the name "butt" incorporated.}
  5. Speaking of squeezing in a naughty word whenever possible- "The word of the day today is BUTT, Mama!"
  6. We went to see "The Lorax," and she's still calling it "The Clorox."
  7. She's obsessed with learning what each food is 'good for'. Last night after I told her bananas were good for her heart, and tomatoes are good for her skin- she turned around and taught Dax.  :)  {Her favorite fact is that avacados are good for your brain!}
  8. After discussing that cheese is good for her bones: "Oh, I never want to show my friends my skeleton!!"
  9. She has learned to navigate the iPad better than I can.  That child can pull up You Tube and Netflix and find a show she wants to watch {a tad scary...}- I've found her watching episodes of Sesame Street the last two evenings.  She can also get to the App Store and attempt to purchase Apps that look appealing.  Thankfully it's password protected so she can't rack up a huge bill... but she's definitely working on it.
  10. She was allowed to watch TV until 8:00 one night- and we'd been watching the clock as it approached 8pm.  Every minute she'd comment how it was "7-5-6, 7-5-7, etc."   When it turned 8:00 {and she knew we were watching for "8-0-0"}- and I asked her what time it was, she played dumb: "Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.  I don't know??"
  11. I'm worried that she is a total perv- she loooves to discuss "private parts."  MiMi and Steve's neighbor is an elderly man- and she informed me {in his presence}: "he's a boy.  He's got a penis."
  12. Later that weekend:"Boys have a penis. Girls have a vagina. And I don't want to talk about it."
  13. Again, in the car- I was trying to distract her from more private part observations by asking her what her favorite part of her favorite song was.  Her answer: "the part where they say booodddddyyyyy." {singing it.  And, it's "Somebody You Used To Know" by Gotye, in case you're wondering what her favorite song is right now.}

  14. Me: ADA- quit acting like a fool.  Ada: I'm not a boy!!  Me: I said FOOL, not boy.  Ada: But Ms. Caroline only tells the boys at school to quit actin' a fool!
  15. Me: Ada, be very careful, don't accidentally roll into the street on your bike.  Ada: Ohh.  Would a car come and hit me?  Me: It's possible.  Ada: Ohh.  That would break my bike!
  16. And my favorite lately: {while coloring a picture of The Little Mermaid} "I'm coloring her boobies lavender."

    There have been tons more that I just don't get a chance to write down in the moment, and subsequently forget.  I'm going to start carrying a pen and paper everywhere so I can remember those!


    "My Family" by Ada Grace

    Ada's class was having show and tell last Friday, and were asked to bring a few pictures of their family.  Ada and I  decided to make hers into a story book, and this was the cover that she created- Daddy, Mommy holding Dax, Ada (down low), and Murphy (in orange).  I {ADORE} this!

    A Month {or so} of Videos

    These are some cute vids I've taken in the last month or so--

    This is Dax puttering around early one Saturday morning before sister was awake.  My favorite part is when he nods "yes" that he's ready for breakfast, and starts speed-crawling towards his highchair. :)

    This is sweet Ada testing out her acting skills:

    This kid's got some serious rhythm!  He's always bobbin' his head & clapping to the music in the backseat:

    This is Dax having lunch over Spring Break {Ada was with MiMi & Steve at Kemah!}.  He was showing off his new move, the "strong boy":

    More outtakes of "strong boy", with a cute nod "yes" in there, too:

    And this is the kids playing around one afternoon after school.  Dax's newest thing is pointing to objects and stating "that."  Over.  And over.  And over.  Like my answer is going to change, ever!


    Dax Smashing His Cake!!!

    What is this, Mom??
    I love Ada's little finger in there, giving him a quick tutorial!

    Ohp, there's sister's hand again!

    Can't... get it in... fast enough...

    Pure ecstasy...

    Saving the best for last, clearly!!

    Dax's Monster Bash!

    So many pictures, so many great memories!  I worked really hard to make this party as awesome as Dax deserved (and big sister deserved a great day for being so amazing, too!)- and I think it was a success.  It was perfect, and I am posting an obnoxious amount of pictures.
    Dax's big gift from Mommy, Daddy, & Ada- a racetrack table!!!  Talk about a labor intensive gift...  I'll blog about it from start to finish one of these days!  It is pretty darn adorable.

    At the entrance to the Monster Bash- "Place a capsule in this cup of water, and it will turn into a MONSTER of a toy for you while you play!"  It literally turns into a foam monster.
     I have a soft spot for these types of toys, since I was quite attached to one as a child.  His name was Mr. Character.  (I was such a freakin weirdo!)

    Party favors!

    Play-doh party favors

    Create your own monster hat- since it was a sunny afternoon.  No one made one except me... :)

    Play-doh and sidewalk chalk.  A house party must.
    I searched all over Houston for a monster bouncehouse- and the closest I could find was a dragon!  Whatever- the kids loved it.

    Homemade banner...
    Homemade banner...

    HUGE homemade banner!

    Balloons with monster faces!!  Literally printed off onto sticker paper- I will do this with EVERY party theme from now on.  What a great way to customize balloons without breaking the bank!

    Monster cupcakes.  :)
    The snack table- the large empty spot is for a pitcher of margaritas still being prepared by Dad- accompanied by a "Margarita Bar".  Yuummmmm!

     Enough pictures of decor- here are some cute action shots!!!

    Ada and her friend Addy jumping!

    Dax at the play-doh table.
    Trying a bite...

    I think the jury's still out if he liked the taste or not!

    Dax LOVED his Monster-Dragon Bouncehouse!!!

    Sweet Asher Hodge- he was such a trooper!  And too cute for words.

    Sidewalk chalk

    Dax and his pal Asher Gaulke!!  Whom he bit on the face about 30 minutes later.  :(  
    Ada's gorgeous play doh concoction. 
    More bouncehouse!

    Trying to coax him out...

    It's not a first birthday party without adult beverages!!!

    Dax opening his gift from Uncle Christian!!!!  

    Dax's gorgeous Venezuelan girlfriend from school, Cristina.  :)

    Dax smashing his cake!!  Andrea took some AMAZING pictures of this- I'm going to upload them to a separate post there are so many!

    No more room to swallow his last bite.  Looking at Uncle Luis for advice...

    The little monster ready for bed.  Talk about exhausted!!  And talk about cute jammies from Mr. Asher Gaulke!

    So. Handsome. I. Can't. Take it.