If you give a Preggo some Clorox...

... she's going to clean the air vents.
Then she's going to need to wash the baseboards, since a little dust fell from the vents.
Which is when she'll realize how dirty the couches are, so she'll purchase a dust-buster and put it to use.
When she's storing the dust-buster in the laundry room, she'll decide to go ahead and clean the washer and dryer.
While she's at it, she'll hire a crew to steam clean every room in the house with the most environmentally friendly treatment possible.
And, a week later- just when she thought every nook and cranny of the house was perfectly suitable for a newborn to come home to- she got out the vacuum cleaner for some maintenance cleaning, and realized how dirty that was....
And finally- her husband caught the nesting bug:

And here is that nesting-freak Preggo with her favorite little girl enjoying a Cinnabun while at the mall to make room for the steam cleaners! :)


35 Weeks Preggo

Holy belly! I'm 35 weeks along and getting PRETTY uncomfortable. I still have "functional" days, as I like to call them.... but they are becoming fewer and farther between. Dax feels huge.

I had Ada at 37 weeks, and I can honestly say I would NOT mind meeting Dax in 2 weeks one bit! (I'm trying not to *hope* for this, so I don't end up jinxing myself and making it all the way to April 1st...)


Dax The Giraffe

This giraffe that Ada is holding is Dax. We really think she believes that this. Is. Dax. It was just a stuffed animal I'd bought for the real Dax's room- and when Ada helped me put together "Dax's room", she assumed Dax was the giraffe. So now this is her beloved lovey. He goes everywhere we go. She kisses him and leaves him in the car for the school day. The bedroom is for him. The clothes are for him. He is her brother. Awesome- I think she's in for a shock in a few weeks! I love her so much!


Awww, Valentine's Day!

It has been a crappy few days. A crappy few weeks, overall, really- which is rare for me! But I think things are looking up- and it started last night when Casey got home from work on Valentine's Day! He got Ada and I chocolate covered strawberries, which we gobbled up (and even shared a little with him!). Ada also had her Valentine's Day party at school, and she's been reading and re-reading her Valentine's cards that she received from her friends. It's adorable- she even takes them all to bed! Her favorite is the Sesame Street one from her teacher Miss Jackie.
Ada doing some evening Valentine reading:
This is not the greatest picture (well, no pictures are the greatest picture of my wild 2 year old these days!)- but I just thought it looked SO much like me when I was that age that I had to post it! Could it be... that my daughter might end up resembling me a LITTLE!? :) It's something in her eyes....
Here's to better days- I think my rainstorm is over! (Seriously, nothing extremely terrible happened, but you know how it goes... one little thing after another, and BAM- you're at your wits end!)


33 Weeks and a Broken Finger

I slammed my finger in the car door. Bad. Like, it closed so completely that the interior light went off. And it hurt like HELL. I tried to pretend it was fine, mostly because I'm terrified of going to the doctor if I think there is a chance that I might be poked, prodded, or administered any type of shot- which I was afraid of because my fingernail has turned completely black and is swollen. But I decided to go on in since I'm pregnant and my health is ultimately Dax's health for 6.5 more weeks.... When they took my blood pressure, it was almost 150/90 because I was SO nervous about what they were going to do to me. You'd think they'd threatened to amputate my finger. And, alas- the verdict is in, sort of.

Probably broken, but the break is so high up (called a "Tuft" fracture) that there's no need for any type of surgery- and the risks of the x-ray (since I'm preggo) don't outweight the benefits, so we won't know for sure. And my fingernail (the more painful part, believe it or not) didn't need to be poked, prodded, or shot at- so I survived! I was prescribed a THIRD round of antibiotics this pregnancy to prevent any infection- if it were infected and my bone is fractured, it could lead to a bone infection. Which would be bad, and require poking and prodding. (Shudder)
Right after the finger slamming:
A day later. The flash on my camera makes my nail look lighter- it's literally purple halfway up my nail- it's really attractive.
And, here was me yesterday, at 33 weeks, BEFORE I broke my finger! Poor Dax, he's been through so much with me these past few weeks! I hate taking so many meds that are going straight to the little man.


I'm on the mend! Ada's now sniffling and coughing, so I took the day off today (it's the only "convenient" day this week for me to miss work), brought her in to Dr. Gonzalez (even though I knew she wasn't sick yet), and we now have a Rx waiting to be called in should we need it! (That's one of the many reasons we love him.) For the last year or so, she's been pretty much petrified at the doctor's office... and she did SUCH a great job today. She stood on the big girl scale, let the Nurse Nelly and Dr. G take all of her vitals, poke, and prod- she even pulled down her pants and let Dr. G check out a wierd rash on her hiney. :) Here are some pictures of the big girl:

We had a really nice "girl's day out" afterwards at Target (we love Target!) and the Chick-Fil-A playground (just like old times!)- because I'm not sure when the next one we'll get will be! (Sniff sniff) While she napped I nested like a psycho preggo. I dust-bustered the couches. I washed and dried and re-assembled lots of old baby toys/playmats/boppy pillows/chairs/etc. I recently dusted all of the baseboards and air vents. All that's left of my list is to wash Dax's NEW clothes and blankies and to get the carpets steam cleaned (which will happen this weekend). He'll be here before we know it- I'm almost 33 weeks! Yowzers.... The house is ready, but am I?????



Ugh, I'm really sick. It started off as just a cold, but pretty much any place in my body that was housing an inkling of congestion is now infected, inflamed, and miserable! I should have gone to the doctor yesterday, but the icy road conditions kept me in- along with the rest of Houston- so then I waited at the Walgreens Take Care Clinic for THREE HOURS today before being seen- along with the rest of Houston! I have Bronchitis- per the Doctor, it almost sounded like Pneumonia in there, but the lack of a high fever kept it at Bronchitis (thank GOD!), a sinus infection in every possible cavity in my face (which I totally believe), and a random ear infection to boot. The ear infection surprised me- I guess when the rest of your face feels like an accupuncture-gone-wrong session, the ear doesn't hurt as much! The killer part is I never ran over a 100 fever- which is a total blessing, because that can be seriously dangerous for Dax... but it's also what kept me from taking my butt into the Doctor on Monday. (I always get paranoid about being a hypochondriac... partly because I am a hypochondriac!) The worst part: this a-hole lady who sat RIGHT beside me and moaned, groaned and coughed in MY direction the entire time. I wanted to ask her if she noticed I was 32 weeks pregnant, and if she could direct her disgustingness to someone else less immuno-compromised.

Since I'd gotten to the clinic right at opening, we thought the wait wouldn't be bad... so Casey and Ada had tagged along so we could run some errands afterwards. They decided to go piddle around Katy while I waited... and had a grand old time! Here are some pictures and cute Ada quotes from their morning:

At the pet store... "I want one!"
"Just like Nemo!"
They went to Lowes, where Ada claimed "I love carpets!"
Then they went to dine and play at Chick-Fil-A until I was done! When told it was time to go, Ada replied "No, not yet. I'll keep playing!"


Ada's High School Experience

It's 6:20 in the morning- we are 10 minutes from Ada's school where we will dress in the parking lot, then happily go in to eat breakfast with friends. My phone rings and Caitlin Atlee informs me that Kids-R-Kids is CLOSED because their pipes burst in the sub-20 degree temperatures last night! It's too late to call in for a sub, too late to turn around and take her home, too late for Casey to cancel his meetings, too late for ANYTHING except to bring Ada to school with me....
And she had a BLAST! She participated in 1st period Chemistry's Limiting Reagent lab (they made S'Mores!) and helped me work a few example problems on the board, then watched Dora the Explorer projected on the Smart board with Anatomy during 2nd period (during which they were supposed to work on their Eye Packet... but I'm pretty sure they all just watched Dora, too!). She had such a fabulous time, in fact, that she CRIED when first period left!

Then, MorMor the Saint met me at home during my conference and snuggled with Ada the rest of the day!

Daycare is supposed to be back open tomorrow, but we'll see! Ada might be teaching Percent Yield, too....