Halloween 2012- Part 2

Now onto the real Halloween post!  Dax went as Elmo, and Ada as a peacock.  I made Ada's peacock tail from scratch- and I'm pretty darn pleased with how it turned out!  I love her- she had a blast pretending to be a peacock all night.  Although a few times she was a baby lion regardless of the get-up.  :)

Now begins the modeling sesh-

Trick-or-treating PaPa!  :)

Dax got creeped out after about 3 houses, so he chilled in the stroller and ate FIVE suckers for the entire outing!  It was the most calm and well behaved he's ever been.  I need to get out and buy a jumbo bag of dum-dums.

I have several videos of the evening, but there are some glitches in getting them all uploaded at the moment- so this one will have to do!  This pretty much encompasses the remaining ones, anyway. :)  Love them!  
(Of course Dax said "trick-or-treat" nearly clear as a bell off camera, but refused to attempt it once I started filming!  He would just yell "TREAT!" when he would knock on the door.)

Halloween 2012- Part 1

OK, first of all let me say that this post is more about how much I adore staying home with my kids and the mom friends I have.  But one of our outings coincidentally fell on a day when they were having "Zoo Boo" at the Houston Zoo, so I'm categorizing it into Halloween.  :)

So, here are some pictures of a BUNCH of adorable kids who are such sweet friends- and I am obsessed with their moms!  We *try* to get together once a week, but it usually ends up happening every other week. 
Ashleigh, Asher, Jude, Mia, Grayson, Ada, & Dax (not pictured: Luke and Kieran!)

Crawling through an aquarium in a see-through tunnel.

Sweet friends Dax and Jude watching a  baby elephant.

Dax and Asher intrigued by the enormous mommy elephant.

Precious big sister.

Picking out a pumpkin to paint!

Mia dying for Ada to look at her painted pumpkin!  Dax and Ada hard at work...



Love her.

Casey is out of town this weekend for a guy's trip to Mississippi State, and Ada and I have been looking forward to our slumber party tonight all week!! We have already eaten McDonald's Sundays, and now we are eating a huge bag of popcorn in bed while watching a movie. :) I love her so much it hurts.

Test Post from the iPhone!

A few months ago I drove off with my phone on the tailgate of the car, and it survived- but with severe injuries. I decided to wait it out instead of paying the phone insurance deductible to have it repaired, and suffered the loss of my thumbprints after months of using the cracked screen- all in the name of the iPhone 5! I was eligible for the new phone yesterday. And that is what Dax and I spent our morning doing.:) I downloaded the Blogger app, and giving it a test run posting tonight! This is a random picture of Dax playing in the "pad". :)