Ada's Mod Pod

Ada's new room is finished! I started this sucker before I was pregnant, before I was sick, before I was exhausted, etc.... so it's been slow going since I repurposed the furniture! But, here it is, in all it's glory! Ada LOVES it- today, I had just moved her mattress in to take the pictures so I could officially end the project and check it off my eternal to-do list. And she turned on her lullabies, crawled in bed, and begged to go night-night at 5pm! So, we are giving it a go tonight in the big girl bed in her big girl room! (More on that in a second.) First, here is the Mod Pod!

And here we are, getting ready for bed on night #1 in our new big girl room!
Picking out 1,000 books:

"Night night! So comfy!"

Insert fake yawn, then fake snore:

And this is how I left her the first time- like any typical night reading books in bed....

Until about 2.5 minutes later when she realized she had total freedom. You should have seen the sheer glee on her face when she peeked around the corner and realized for the first time she could get OUT! Here she is hiding in the hallway after being asked to go back to bed:

Sneaking around commando style!
SO, this is where the cute pictures end, and the real work began! I laid down with her and tickled her back for a while to help her get accostomed to the dark with the door closed. It is actually one of my favorite memories in her entire 22 months- she kept saying "lusch you" (aka Love you), and it totally melted my heart! After I left her, I heard her playing with her radio... And now the entire house is being blasted with maximum volume zen-lullabies because no one dares to re-enter her room until we know she's out to turn the volume back down!!! Updates soon...


Guess What?

Ada has an announcement. She's gonna be a....
This is why I've been totally absent from the blogging scene lately- I feel like poop! I'm only 7.5 weeks along, but my first Doctor's appointment was last week, and we saw a baby and a strong heartbeat already! Baby Dowell #2 will join us on or around April 1, 2011!


Shapes Galore!

This really isn't anything special, Ada's known her shapes for months- but I just thought this was cute! Plus I've been MIA for over a week, and I know you all are probably having withdrawals from my pointless posts! :)