More Videos (Ada-4, Dax- almost 2)

Some more precious videos for me to look back on in 5 years and get teary-eyed!  :)

Ada on her beloved scooter while on a walk around MorMor's neighborhood yesterday- 

Dax getting into Ada's sight word flashcards- and then quizzing her on them!

Adventures at Naptime: Activity Kits

I made these for the kids when they come visit us and the new bubby at the hospital- they are a gift from the baby, and will hopefully entertain them for a few extra minutes!


Singing at the Dinner Table- Videos

Just a few more quick videos of the kids...  
Trying to get as much of them as possible before life gets too crazy with a baby!

Dax (23 months) singing "Itsy Bitsy Spider" :)

Ada (almost 4.5) singing a made up "Pizza Song", and then just the two of them goofing off. :)


Fun at the Park- Videos- Part 2

I was able to get the other 2 videos uploaded- here they are!

This is just one of Dax piddling around on a ladder-thing.  Talking lots and sounding cute.  :)

And this is Ada helping Dax hop across the "Stepping Stones" at the park- she's such a sweet big sister! And Dax has the balance of a 10 year old...

At the Park- Videos

We went to the park yesterday and I decided to get a few videos of the kids just playing- I want to remember what they're like at this age forever!  
(As infuriated as I actually am with them at this moment, I still can't get enough of their cuteness.  They were total turds this morning, ha!)

There are two more videos that I'm having trouble uploading.  If I can get them up, I will update this post with those as well. :)

One of the cutest things Dax says is "HELLO, (insert name)!"- I got him to say "HELLO, MOM!" in this one.  This also has some cute Ada in it.

This is Dax's physical prowess climbing a ladder, and saying another one of my favorite sayings of his, "PRETTY DAY!"

I *HOPE* the other two upload- because they're just so cute.  :)
Update: Yay!  Click HERE to see the other two- got them uploaded!


More Tee-Ball Cuteness

Oh my gosh.  I decided I needed some video footage of Ada playing tee-ball this week because pictures just don't do the cuteness justice.  
I just cannot get enough of it!  So, here are some clips of her in action (playing pretty darn awesome!), and a few of what brother does to occupy himself during the games as well. :)

Ada at bat, hitting the ball, and running (and tripping) to 1st base. She's such a trooper!  A better sport than most of the boys on her team, I can tell you that much.

Sprinting to 2nd-

Coming around to 3rd- look how tiny she is!

And booking it home to score 1 of her 2 points!!!  So fast!

Playing 3rd base- crouched and ready for a ball to come her way!
(And brother wanting in on the action)

Shuffling her feet in the dirt like a pro- She also hits her glove with her fist as she waits on the batter, too.  I wish I'd caught it on video because it's to die for!!!

More 3rd base action- chasing down a ball-

And here are some things that Dax does while Ada plays-
He walks around.

He skirts the outfield looking for bugs and lost balls.

He climbs trees with PaPa.
(Thanks for the awesome pictures, and for preventing any broken limbs, PaPa!)

Photo Dump

Some cute pictures from my phone throughout the week :)

Wearing mommy's cheap sunglasses for playing outside-

Below are some of the Valentine's the kids handed out.  
Daddy got some cute "punny" things throughout the week, too! 
They had so much handing out their cards/gifts to their friends this year.

Dax especially had a blast with Valentine's- he handed out his cards to his play-date friends, his gymnastics class, and his Sunday School class (saying "HERRREE!" every time).  
Only one kid was also giving out Valentine's, and it meant so much to him to get it.  
He was still talking about his "heart cookie" from Georgia that night at bedtime!  
Brought tears to this hormonal preggo's eyes. 
I think his "love language" might be Gifts. :)

 The kids need nothing.  Want for nothing.  So they got embroidered towels.  
(3 each- Ada's are all the same, and Dax's third is a shark towel)
Ada was a little disappointed (she wasn't a brat about it, but I could tell- and she casually mentioned how awesome it would be to get balloons for Valentine's Day)- 
so I went out and got them balloons, too.  
I couldn't resist the sweetness!
 $3 of balloons have provided more entertainment than a $15 stuffed animal for sure. :)


Spiced up ponytail- 

 Ada's class picture from Sonshine.  I adore her!!!  
Her absolutely best friend at school is Eli- the little boy in the center of the bottom row with the black backpack still on.  
Doesn't he look fun!  Just like my girl.  :)


Ada's First Tee-Ball Game!

Oh. Holy. CUTENESS!!!!!  Ada is giving tee-ball a shot this Spring, and so far seems to be enjoying it much more than the rough, contact sport of Fall soccer (see THIS post).  Plus she's pretty much the most adorable thing I've EVER seen in her uniform!  

She's the only girl on her team- and she's really working hard and playing well!  
She's totally picking up the game and enjoying herself (which never really happened with soccer). :)

Here she is on the bench, about to be on deck to bat!

Batter up!  Getting tips from Daddy before her at-bat debut. :)

She hit the ball both times she was up to bat!
The first time she chased after her own ball and handed it to the pitcher!  
My heart probably exploded.

So, after setting the record for "first player to tag themselves out" for her first bat, 
she really focused on "running like a cheetah" to first base after hitting the second time!  
She made it to first- then second- then here she is sprinting to third!  
She really did run so fast- I think Daddy's cheetah reference really helped her understand just HOW fast she should be trying to go. :)

A little baffled at the third base coach's energetic behavior...

And you've got to get a family picture after an hour of such cuteness!
Attempt #1-

Attempt #2-

Attempt #3- Score!

I adore these two!  
(Plus brother, who was already strapped in his carseat!  But did a great job cheering for big sister the whole game)

Cute Ada-ism: we were hanging around finishing up our snacks as the the next teams were showing up for the following game... and Ada shouted "SORRY!  THE GAME IS ALREADY OVER!!"

Photo Dump

Ada has decided to give tee-ball a go for the Spring!  
(She tried soccer in the Fall- see THIS post about her first game!) 
She had her first tee-ball game today- I will post about the separately, next!  Get ready for a heart explosion of cuteness.  :)  
Here are a few pictures from her first practice-

I haven't been good at taking pictures of Dax lately- he's just a ball of energy always on the go.  
Plus EVERYTHING he does is beyond adorable, and I can't just hide behind my camera ALL DAY!  
Here he is trying Nutella on a piece of toast- I think he liked it :)

My fashionista on a "dress yourself" day :)

I've been pretty worn out lately, so we haven't done a lot of "enrichment" or lessons- but we got out the Capital-Lowercase matching game the other day.  Ada killed it!  
She's got about 8 sight words memorized too- and can sound some out if they're simple.  
I think she'll be reading in no time- which will so fun!

And I've been busy getting things ready for #3!  Done lots of laundry, purchased some cloth diapers to experiment with, and I made them their own Sweetish Baby onesie! :)
(In case you don't know, E is for Edie and T is for Tate)

Eeee! Which monthly onesie sticker set will we end up using!?!?


Survival Mode

I'm hurting! Just pure exhaustion- I don't remember feeling the need to park on a couch for an entire day in the end of my last 2 pregnancies. Or the fact that keeping my eyes open is a minute-by-minute battle. Or taking stairs was a task that felt more like climbing Mt. Everest with an elephant strapped to my belly.

I felt I could conquer the world, until about a month ago- when I began a sharp decline of stamina and strength! I'm at the finish line I'm afraid, and I am supposed to have FOUR WEEKS left! Here's what I've done to survive today:
-cold cereal with milk for breakfast
-dry cereal in cups for snacks
-locked us upstairs to minimize stair trips
-gave my 4 year old a sippy cup so I don't have monitor spillage at all
-allowed complete chaos
-quit refereeing arguments; fighting over a toy? Just give it here.
-no tidying up
-considering giving frozen pizza for dinner, for the third night in a row
-left the TV on kids shows ALL day
-trying not to watch the clock to countdown until a) Daddy gets home or b) bedtime...


35 weeks- Ultrasound!

As you may have seen in my last post, I got a surprise ultrasound today of #3!  
It takes a minute for your eyes to adjust- but once you see it, you can REALLY SEE IT.  
Look at that precious face!  Its eyes are open, and looking right at the "camera".  
And it also has an appendage in its mouth- a hand or foot I cannot tell!  

We still have no visual on the genitals (thank goodness)- so it's still a total surprise!  Sort of- Mommy thinks it's a boy. :)

35 weeks

I'm 35 weeks in with #3- and feeling every hour of it! I went in to the doctor today because I've been having contractions that actually kind of hurt, and some of them are back-laborish. And I was worried I've been leaking amniotic fluid (which happened with Ada so I'm super sensitive to it). She checked me AND I got an ultrasound (I'll post those as soon as I get them scanned in- so presh!). My fluid is fine, I'm 2 cm dilated, and the baby is 6lb 8oz!! Sheesh- no wonder I'm waddling already! :)