Welcome to Our Blog!

OK, I figured it's time to begin a blog. Let me catch you up on our lives up to this point. Ada Grace "Buggy" Dowell was born 8 months ago. She is the happiest baby I've ever met- smiling at anyone and anything that will look her way. (Her separation anxiety is increasing by the minute- but as long as she's clinging to Mom or Dad, things are still amusing!)

She's hit your typical milestones: rolling, sitting, babbling... and she's just embarked on the beginnings of a scoot. (Still not mobile, just setting herself up for it.) She can take her time on that one- we rather like the ease and consistency of having a non-crawler.

I have been a little psycho when it comes to Ada's meals- I like to think of it as healthy and preventative! She has not received a drop of formula, and I make all of her baby food from mostly organic fruits and vegetables. (She likes Apples and Zucchini the most! And Sweet Potatoes, Blueberries, and Butternut Squash... she is my daughter- not in appearance, but in preferences!)

Despite all of the healthy efforts, she's still suffering from incessant ear infections and has been on antibiotics since early March- it is ridiculous, frustrating, and trying. We are on our last ear infection before a visit to the ENT to discuss tubes. We are READY, I'm about to put them in myself! That will be a good second post!

I got a ladybug tattoo on my foot in honor of our Bug...

I also teach High School Chemistry- this was my first year teaching. Let's just say that beginning a new career (teaching is not an easy profession- we earn that 2 weeks at Christmas, 1 week at Spring Break, and 8 weeks of Summer!), buying a new home, and having a baby all within 4 weeks of each other make for a very exhausting year. There are 8 school days left until I have 2 months off with the world's sweetest baby, and it cannot come soon enough. Although this year has been difficult (but wonderful), I LOVE my job and am going to miss my hormonal, sassy, fabulous 15-17 year olds dearly!!! Well...most of them.

Casey is still at Aerotek- he was promoted from Recruiter to Account Manager (Sales!) in December. He is keeping his head above water in this terrible economy- he has survived lots of "severances" and is even starting to develop a little new business. Way to go, Babe!

Murphy is currently keeping Grams company- we are trying to eliminate all possible sources of Ada's constant colds/allergies/ear infections/etc. Unfortunately, it seems like her sniffling and sneezing has improved in his absence. :( Sad Face. We can't decide if he would be better off with us as an outside dog, or with Grams living the life of a King. I will keep you posted!

We love all of you, and you are all welcome to come visit us anytime- our blog or our home!


Claire's World said...

Welcome to blog world!!! It is addicting and fun!

McClure Family said...

glad you joined the blogging world!! careful- it is super addictive!! LOL!

Recovery Girl said...
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