18 months and counting!

Well, my baby girl is 18 months old! This is officially the age that I've always considered babies to offiically enter the stage of "toddlerhood." Casey and I have been amazed at how much of a "little girl" she's been lately. Now, if we can just get some hair growin', it'd be a little easier to believe! Here are her 18 months stats- and other adorable, memorable things:

-She's 22 lbs, 32 in. (That's 10th percentile weight, 75th percentile height.) She's a peanut! Head circumference is 90th percentile- just like her Dad!

-She's a vocabulary machine!!! Lots of animal names (and their sounds), body parts, some foods (banana came out "nanana" today), a few names (some family members, some Loveys, you know- the typical), a couple of commands (more, down, no, mm-hmm (meaning yes), I don't know (this is done with her hands in the air, while saying "knowww!?")) and a few clothing items.

-My favorites and her most interesting words are: vacuum ("va-huuhm"), bow ("bowww"), woh/wow!, cool!, baby ("baybeeeee"), please ("pease"), cooking, moon ("mooooon"), shoes ("shoe-shoes," combined), boots ("boos"), blankie ("badie"), outside (actually pronounced perfectly- so random!). I just can't get enough of her funny interpretations and pronunciations!!!

-She has tons of Loveys. Here are a few:
(Not pictured: the ladybug blankie that she sleeps with at daycare. And yes, the red reading chair counts as a Lovey.)
-Her favorite activities include:
Helping in the garden:

Playing hide-and-go-seek:

(Where could she be?)

(sooo clever hiding in the closet!)

(Did she find me yet!?)

(I see your feet!)

(In the ball pit)

Other activities not pictured: playing pretend kitchen (cooking AND cleaning included), watching Blues Clues, going on walks, petting dogs, bathtime with Daddy, reading books (and locating and naming things on each page), singing songs with hand motions (see post about The Itsy Bitsy Spider: http://thedailydowell.blogspot.com/2010/02/itsy-bitsy-spider.html), tickling ("tickle tickle tickle" is all you hear when she's about to GET ya!), rocking/feeding/walking/driving/tucking in her babydoll.
Favorite Foods: raspberries, tomatoes, avacados, pizza, and chicken nuggets ("ta-nanas").
Favorite items to wear: bows, boots (or any shoe-shoes), and her gray hoodie. And sometimes a blankie as a cape.
"My bow"
And in other Ada Awesomeness: she's learning her colors (occasionally will find or say green, yellow, purple, or blue. Occasionally being the operative word.). She's obsessed with the letter "A." I keep meaning to buy some kind of big, tangible alphabet toy to learn the other letters, but can never find anything good! She can locate specific books and titles out of hundreds (mostly Goodnight Moon, Where's Spot, Pat the Bunny, Little Feet Like, and Little Hands Like. And yes, I said hundreds. My Mom is a literacy specialist.)- I thought this was pretty cool and amazing! She says "Hey!" and "Bye!" to anyone and everyone who looks her way. I love it. Recently begun adding "Thanks!" to the interactions....
And just to prove to Dr. Gonazalez as we were leaving her 18 month checkup that she is one smart cookie- we had just discussed the plethura of words that she was accumulating, and as he was leaving she waved and said "Bye Doctor!" (OK, I totally prompted her- but it was still classic!)


Brent, Katy and Mia said...

The picture of her hiding in the closet with her little feet sticking out is to DIE FOR!!!! So terribly cute this little girl is! I love that she is talking more and very impressed she knows her colors now!!! Sweet Ada- I have an 18 mo. old birthday present for her :-)

Marilyn said...

These posts ALWAYS make my day!!

Knox said...

I LOVE it! Everything you had to say makes me a little less sad at how quickly Knox is growing up; you gave me things to look forward to. What a sweet, funny, beautiful, smart little Adabug she is.