So, Ada had a nasty bug; which I've already posted about. Here are the logistics of the situation:

Cost of throwing up every 20 minutes for 12 hours: sleep, sanity (for Ada and me)
Cost of the 15 of loads of laundry to clean soiled blankies, towels, and shirts: $5
Cost of Pedialyte (which she loves): $5
Cost of all of the stain remover and bleach to clean the 4 outfits with raspberries and Mexican
Casserole thrown up all over them at daycare: $3
Cost of taking a sick day- which I didn't have: $150 (they don't really dock me! Only if I were to quit, they'd take it out of my last paycheck... so whew!)
Cost of an eco-friendly carpet cleaning (scheduled for tomorrow morning): $160
Cost of snuggling with The Bug ALL DAY today- reading and watching Nick Jr: PRICELESS!


Brent, Katy and Mia said...

lOOK AT THAT SWEET GIRL!!!! Im sorry she has been sick but Im glad that you get a day of snuggling!!!! :-)

McClure Family said...

she is so precious! glad you got to spend the day with her, wish it was under different circumstances! I hate it when babies are sick!!