Zoo Break

Yesterday, Ada and I snuck Daddy out of work early on a total whim and all went to the zoo!!! 2 hours later (stupid traffic!) we were surrounded by exotic animals and a very enamored bug:

Get in the car, Daddy!
(Mom forgot to bring him a change of comfy clothes...)

What a fun treat to hang with Daddy on a Wednesday afternoon!

The elephants.

Lazy lions. The zoo keeper thought I was crazy when I tried to place Ada on the big male for a photo op. (Joking.)


What does a monkey say?? ("Ooh ooh ooh ooh!")
What else does a monkey say? ("Eh eh eh eh!")
Response when asked what one of the monkeys was doing....
(In case you were wondering, he was swinging from the mesh wire on top of his exhibit. Apparently a 1 year old cannot verbalize that.)
This cheetah was MAD! Some obnoxious patrons kept taunting him- we left, in the hopes that the cheetah would figure out a way to leap the fence and maul them....
The giraffe exhibit. Also known as the "Gaffes."
Giraffe obsession?

Casey discovered a new breed of domesticated homosapien on our way out...

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Brent, Katy and Mia said...

HOW FUN!!!!!!!!!!!! Looks like Ada had a blast.
I tried to get B to stay home and play hookey (sp?) today but that was a no go.
I cant believe its going to end up that we dont hang out at least once over Spring Break. Things on my end were super crazy with working and babysitters and follow-up appointments.
Ill let you know when I book our massages to see when your available.