Park Play Date

I have a Special Education co-teacher first period- Caitlin Atlee... and I LOVE her!! The kids think its hilarious because we act like "BFFs." We have a great time in class, we love the kids, and we all make each other laugh by acting like idiots, poking fun at each other, and playing practical jokes on people. ("We" inlcudes myself, Caitlin, and all 30 of the students. You would not believe it was a functional learning environment if you were a fly on the wall. But it works!)

Anywho, she has a daughter- Olivia- just a few months younger than Ada. (I think I blogged about going to her birthday party back in December?) We always intend to get the girls together but never make it happen- so today we spontaneously met up at a park in Old Town Katy (on a weekday- gasp!) and the girls had a great time! These were the only decent shots I got, but you get the gist. Hopefully more playdates to come with Olivia (and Caitlin) Atlee!

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