Teacher's Pet

Ada moved up to the "Older Ones" last week- she's hanging with the 18-24 months old now! She's the smallest one in her class (she was anyway; but now factor in some of them are 6 months older and she really looks like a shrimp!), but keeps up with the big kids (say her teachers!). We really love the new ladies, too- April and Virginia.
Ada's teachers have always told me how much they enjoy her- she's super laid back at school(surprising, I know!), and keeps them entertained with her quirky personality. But, we got this note the other day on her daily report (under the "Notes" section at the bottom), and it just made my heart swell! It's so nice to know that she's loved and well cared for during the day when I can't be the one doing it!! Needless to say, this is hanging on our fridge front and center, and will be until the next note home!!

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