Party at Olivia Atlee's!

We are switching play date locations each week, and Monday we went to Olivia (and Caitlin) Atlee's... let me tell you, those Atlee girls have the SET UP over there!!! I definitely want a huge game room in our next house for a central gathering location- it was so much fun sitting on their big couches watching the girls play together. Caitlin also has something else I'm dying for now... a bad a$$ camera! I've said for months I want a camera with internet access for easy sharing for Christmas this year, but after seeing these pictures that Caitlin took (many more, but these are the cute ones of The Bug!)- I'm changing my mind! Here are some adorable pictures- I LoVe SuMmEr!!!
I need to get this slide for the backyard- Ada loved it!
Uh oh- time to exercise those sharing skills! :)
Working hard in the pool!
Cheese! (Ada, Rory, Olivia)
Caitlin noticed how much Ada smiles- even when playing by herself. I'd never paid attention to it- but she's right.. my bug is so sweet!
Lunch time!
Mmmmm... yogurt!
What mess!?
Next Monday, Casey and I will still be in MeXiCo, so we won't make play group!!!!


Brent, Katy and Mia said...

so adorable... and I'll say it again- wish we lived closer so we could join in on the fun! Thos girls are sooooooo cute together!

Amy of Sing For Your Supper said...

CUTE! :-)

McClure Family said...

i love playgroups! we do them weekly too!! she is such a cutie alicia!! have fun in mexico!! I am jealous!