Toy Story 3!

We took Ada to her first movie IN the theatre today! We saw Toy Story 3 (see post a few below about watching Toy Story 2!). She was SUCH a good girl, and we will definitely see more this summer! We went early to be sure we got tickets and good seats, and then took turns letting her run around in the hallways so decrease boredom chances... best idea ever. She watched the entire movie almost in its entirity in the same position (aside from the part where she was standing up and patted the lady's hair in front of us and said "hi!"... she was NOT a happy camper! I laughed on accident), and even wanted to stay and watch the silly credits. She got really into the movie- there was a part where a little girl named Bonnie gets lost and Ada kept going "BONNIE! BONNIE! Bonnie GO!?" Love this baby!
Running around in the hallways before the movie telling people to "shhhh!"
Engrossed 5 minutes in. "WOODY! BUZZ!"

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Brent, Katy and Mia said...

Oh my gosh. I think in every comment on every post you do I use the word "adorable". But seriously, this is ADORABLE! I love that she loved it so much and is so friendly! :-)