Happy Birthday MiMi!

HaPpY BiRthDaY MiMi!!! I'm sure MiMi wouldn't want me advertising her age to the entire world wide web... but let's just put it this way: Next year she'll turn FIFTY!!!!!! Here are some cute pictures of MiMi and Ada over the last year:

Ada and Murphy helping MiMi blow out her candles (today!):

MiMi: 48, Ada: 9 months
MiMi: 48, Ada: 15 months
MiMi: 49, Ada: 21 months
MiMi: 49, Ada: 21 months
As you might notice, I discovered the "color accent" feature on my camera today- and took about a zillion pictures. I'll post the cute ones soon. Get ready- it'll be about 50 photos!!!!

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