Tour de Cypress

Now that the bulk of the yard is finished, we've got some more free time to do more FUN things as a family... so we got the bikes fixed up, put a kid seat on the back of Casey's, and bought Ada her favorite fashion statement yet- a pink bike helmet with monkeys, ice cream, and popcorn on it! She's obsessed with it. For 3 days straight she wore this thing morning, noon, and night!

She watched TV and ate meals in it:
She hugged Daddy when he got home from work, played in it, and wore it in restaurant game rooms:
Then we actually put the helmet to use... We rode up to a restaurant we've been meaning to try on our bikes! Ada LOVED IT. I think her rotation of squeals, "weeee!", "biking!", and "fuunnn!" are proof of a good time had.


Brent, Katy and Mia said...

FUUUUUUUUUN!!!!! We just bought one of those wagon thingys you pull with your bike and Im hoping Mia loves it as much as Ada loves her seat! Yall come over and we can go for a ride!!!!!
And the helmet is so adorable. Only Ada could pull this off anywhere around town.

McClure Family said...

this is too funny!! makes me want to run out and buy some bikes!