Terrible Two Cure?

Ada is a precious girl- she doesn't like to disappoint anyone, doesn't like to be in trouble, especially doesn't like time out, and just has much more fun when we all get along. :) However, mornings for us were becoming a NIGHTMARE. None of us want to wake up at 5 and leave the house at 6- but a 2 year old just doesn't know how to express those emotions wihtout being a total hellion. It was a struggle almost 4 out of 5 weekdays. It ruined our days, and it was beginning to taint our afternoons, too.

SO, I decided to try a new approach. I let her sleep until 15 minutes before we need to leave. I turn on her lullabies and soft lamp, and tickle her back until she wakes up. We get up, gather her blankie and whatever lovie she wants to take on the car ride, brush her teeth, make a cup of chocolate milk to go, and hit the road. Notice I did not say get dressed! And it's been a MIRACLE. She's so good the rest of the time, I decided to let her win this battle. And it was the best decision I've ever made as a mother! By the time we get to school, she's awake, excited about the day, and ready to get dressed and inside to eat breakfast with her friends!

Before school: in her jammies drinking her chocolate milk.
In the school parking lot: dressed and ready to go!
Speaking of school (Kids-R-Kids), Ada is still LOVING IT. Her teachers said she came out of her shy girl shell about Wednesday of last week and hasn't looked back! They love her as much as the girls at Tigerland did, which was the main reason were keeping her there in the first place! They also comment on how incredibly smart she is- which I totally already knew, but it's nice to hear it from an outside source from time to time! :) Love that girl!


Brent, Katy and Mia said...

What a GREAT idea!!!!!!! What a good mommy :-)

Megan said...

super idea!! i'm glad it is working!