Build-A-Bear... Ada Style!

I've had a coupon for Build-A-Bear for a while now, and everytime we think to go it seems to be a holiday weekend- which means the "boutique" would be PACKED with gung-ho Thanksgiving/Christmas/Valentine's Day families creating a new lovey..... so this weekend we decided to get up there since we didn't have a lot on our to-do list and it was just a normal 'ole time of year. Ada is addicted to the experience, and of COURSE built the most unique, Ada-ized stuffed animal possible!!! The best part? We only spent $14 instead of almost $40!!! :)

Waiting to get the party started:

Filling him with stuffing...."Making him soft!" Ada is very intrigued:
Chatting with her new Princess Panda while we create his birth certificate:

Picking out just ooonnnneeee more accessory:
And, here it is! Princess "Fiona" Panda (we're really into Shrek right now), wearing a Princess shirt (that says "Gracious and Kind"- HA!), a TuTu (of course), flower bows, and an electric guitar.
I'm thinking we might have a possible venue for her 3rd birthday party... which is only 7 months away! :)

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Noah said...

Why didn't they have "cool" things like this when we were little...dang I would of loved it! Do you think Ada was a good age to go? What do you think is the "perfect age?"