Ada is 2 and a half!

My baby girl is 2.5 years old! She actually turned 2.5 a few days after Dax was born- but I'm just now getting around to blogging about it. Of course. :) She is so wonderful, adorable, independent, free spirited, smart, hilarious, and kind. I couldn't ask for a better daughter! I am posting pictures of our recent zoo trip, as well as pictures of Ada and her BFF Olivia Atlee playing at the park after school this afternoon- but first I need to write down some hysterical things she's said recently so I will always remember them!!! On the way out the door to the zoo, Ada says: "Let's not bring Dax this time." Whenever Dax cries, fusses, even whimpers: "Awww... don't cry Dax-A-Doodle!" Whenever he continues fussing, crying, or whimpering: "It'll be OK, Dax!" If the fussing doesn't stop: "That's ENOUGH, Dax!" Ada: "You're talking to MiMi (on the phone)" Me: "I am. How can you tell?" Ada: "It makes sense." Ada: "Don't eat bugs/grass/poop/dirt/toys/whatever else she's looking at at the moment that doesn't qualify as food." Ada (when I pick her up from school with Dax): "Friends, don't touch my brother!" Ada: "Dax eats the boobie!" Ada: "Daddy's a NERD!" I'm sure there a MILLION more sayings that have brought a smile to my face recently, but I'm exhausted, slightly under the weather, and can't think of them right now! I'll make a sequel post if any come to me! :) Now, on to the pictures: Riding the carousel at the zoo- Ada met an orangutan-

They had a little chit-chat=

Checking out the lion. We learned how to tell the difference between boy lions and girl lions that day-

Baby elephants! There was a baby giraffe, too- but I didn't get a good picture of him. Babies everywhere at the zoo that day!
We brought a picnic and enjoyed it in the African forrest- Ada scarfed her heart shaped sandwhich. :)
This is our outting to the park with Olivia Atlee.

My girl is such a CLIMBER-
Riding the dinosaur!

Swinging on the big girl swings!! (Caitlin pushed the girls while Dax ate- of course he got hungry at the park. The kid seriously eats like every 1.5 hours!)

Caitlin with Dax! She bought him this outfit! :) (He's getting hungry here...)

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