A Very Good Friday!

Well, I'd intended to wait to blog about this weekend until AFTERwards and all of the Easter festivities... but I took so many awesome pictures yesterday that I a) don't want to picture overload this post even more than I usually do, and b) don't want to have to choose some to not post! :) So, I'll split Easter weekend into two parts: Good Friday and Easter. :)

The kiddies and I traveled to Kingwood yesterday for the first time in too long! We always have such a fun time when we go. We took a walk through the greenbelts, played at the park, ate a picnic, visited Uncle Christian, and drove home exhausted! :)

Playing at the park after our walk through the "forrest" (the greenbelt!)

Picnic lunch-

Ada loved this contraption! It was like an individual merry-go-round-

Then she swirled her bunny around after she got off-

Digging in the dirt with a very sophisticated shovel-

"I'm on a see-saw!"

MorMor see-sawed, too!
I also busted MorMor playing a little, too... :)

Then we packed up and drove to Uncle Christian's so he could meet Dax and see Ada. We had a really good time, and it was so good to see him! :)

Ada holding her gift from Christian- a Rapunzel doll and house!


Then Ada got a hold of my camera and snapped a few shots of her own. A photographer in the making I think!

Ada taking a picture of her shoes- I shoved my feet in there at the last minute-

Then we went and relaxed for a minute at MiMi's before hitting the road home.

Dax- 5 weeks

More fun to come on Sunday when the Easter bunny comes and we go back to Kingwood for more excitement! :)

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