MiMi's 50th Birthday!

I canNOT believe my Mom is officially 50! Wowzers. Her age is the only thing "50" about her though- she is still young, hot, and hip in every other area! :) She practices Yoga like a yoga master, jogs with her iPhone/iPod, is a facebook fanatic, blogs, she's been texting since I've been texting, dates like a 20 year old, is tan and blonde, cuter figure than me, finds all of the coolest toys and books for Ada (and Dax), and is smarter than a 5th grader for sure. We love you, MiMi! Happy 50th Birthday- we had an awesome time celebrating YOU! Here are some pictures from MiMi's birthday bash at Christian's-

MiMi as a baby. Wasn't she CUTE!?!??!

She's got a thing for pinwheels- I found these on clearance at Hobby Lobby! They'll be making more appearances at future MiMi parties, I'm sure. :)

They are each other's "monkey."
Stripped down and ready to swim within minutes of arriving.
There was a MAGIC SHOW!And a Creation Station- everyone had to create at least one masterpiece for MiMi to take home on her birthday. The instructions and inspiration pictures:
First participants- Ricky, Donny, and Drew. They drew lovely penguins. (WTH??)
All of the cousins! Plus a naked Ada, ready to swim-
Some of the brilliant creations-
Tina's sunflower-
Rick's mountains (I had NO idea my uncle was so talented!!)-

Dax's hand and foot flowers-

Rick's autumn trees (this was the grand prize winner- a Starbucks gift card!)-

The 2nd place winner was Heidi's "Yellow Sunglasses" decoupage collage- also receiving a Starbucks gift card!-

Some of MiMi's BEST friends- Tina and Heidi. They drove all the way from Cleburne to come!

Tina practicing for her granddaughter, coming soon!

Finally getting to swim! With Daddy and Uncle Rick (the secret artist!)-

MiMi and her BFF from High School, Jana Banana-

Dax enjoying MiMi's party goers-

"I can't believe I'm 50"-

But she definitely doesn't act her age!

Ada interested in my 4th grade basketball portrait. Haha!

Drew set MiMi's cake on fire.

Everyone is very proud that MiMi still has the lung capacity to blow out her candles! (Sorry Mom, I had to crack at least one old joke)-

Ada stole MiMi's birthday accessories-

Princess Ada passed out in the car- What a PARTY! :)


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Brent, Katy, Mia and Ben said...

I only HOPE to look as good as Mimi when Im 50!!!!! Wowzers!

Yall are so cute!