Purposefully Untitled

This cracked me up- I put Dax in bed awake every night, where he just soothes himself to sleep, and sleeps through the night. (Naptime is a different story- he's not so cooperative. In fact, this hasn't actually happened in about 3 nights since he's laboring on his first tooth. But I digress...) So I put him in bed awake last night, and thought I heard rustling around- and this is what I found when I checked on him-
HAHA! He was semi-army crawling and pushing up to get a better view of his bunk buddy, "Sleep Sheep." I just thought this view of his little blond head poking out of his bed was hilarious! (Yes, he's still in his pack-n-play in our room. I knew we'd struggle with teething, so I put off moving him! Plus, I just can't bring myself to do it. Separation anxiety on my part.)

We are SO BORED cooped up in the house during these dog days of summer- so we decided to defy all odds and actually get outside to go to the park today. We survived the heat, and we survived our first attempt at the double stroller! Dax did great- he's a little fussy here, but mostly because he's exhausted. (He passed out about 2 seconds after I snapped this shot.)
And yes, Ada is wearing a styrofoam crown and clown bowtie. Here's a close-up:

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