You Look Like A Beach Angel!

We ventured back down to Moody Gardens this weekend! But this time, we booked a hotel room and made a mini-vacation out of it. We also hit up the strand, the beach, and the hotel pool- making it an action packed, exhausting weekend! Lines from that Travelocity commercial kept popping in my head all weekend: "Our girl's a genius!" "Our boy's an architect!" "You look amazing." "You look like a beach angel!"

In the gift shop at the dinosaur exhibit-
Ready to see some scary sharks!

Surprised, as usual, to look up and see me staring at him-

Locked in the shark cage, ready to dive!

At Palm Beach-

At the Ice Cream Parlor/Candy Shoppe on the strand-

At the REAL beach!! Notice Ada's new swimsuit. I forgot her other swimsuit at home. Who does that? Forget their kid's swimsuit on a vacation centered around swimming? Me.

MiMi was gracious enough to come along for a third set of adult hands, too! I had a cute picture of MiMi, Ada, Casey, and Dax- but it didn't upload. And if I upload it now, it'll screw up the alignment of all of my text. I'll post it on Facebook! :)

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