Dax- 5 Months

I feel like I just posted Dax's 4 Month Monster photoshoot.  But, still here we are- 5 Months!  He is the most snuggly, squishy, lovey, smiley baby in the entire worldI can never get enough of him!  He began daycare last week, and had a rough go the first few days (see posts below)... but as soon as we got everything ironed out (they needed to get a VISUAL on him rolling BOTH ways before he could nap on his tummy, but he rarely rolls to his back on purpose.  So we just had to beg and plead and threaten bribe)- he has been having a blast!  And being such a good boy- the ladies love him and his gummy smile and belly giggle. (of course!)

And, speaking of rolling both ways- he's rolling both ways!  :)  He's been rolling front to back, and we "hastened" the process of rolling back to front for Kids-R-Kids.  (He's VERY coachable, FYI.  He picked up the roll within about 20 minutes of practicing!  And hasn't looked back- I can hardly change his diaper in peace, now!)

I swear the kid is trying to crawl.  He can make it half way across the living room if you turn your head by "maneuvering" around- but I've been noticing some pulling up of his knees while he's on tummy time.  Yikes.

He loves to play in his jumparoo and exersaucer, but loves to nuzzle his face in my neck and snuggle, too.  He's a total Momma's boy, but also enjoys showing off and flirting.  He'll socialize with most anyone- but has an affinity for blondes wearing make up.  He even likes me a little more if I've got mascara and lip gloss on.

And here's the best part of the post- his monster photoshoot.  :) Llllllooooovvveeee.

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