First Day of School!

Can you tell Mickey Mouse was on TV?  No one would look at the camera...
Welp, it's officially begun!  It's going to be an interesting (difficult?) year with the budget crisis- I'm teaching 6 maxed out classes of Chemistry and Anatomy.  Pumping twice a day (once on conference, once on my 25 minute lunch break).  My Anatomy and Chemistries pretty much alternate every period (Ideally you want them in clusters-poses the most difficulty on lab days). But so far my kids seem sweet enough.  And I have a job.  That I do enjoy, so that'll help!  :)

Quick comic relief.  Facebook convo from yesterday:
Alicia: What's the most awesome thing for me to open class with on the first day of school tomorrow?  Ready,Go:
Alicia: I'll start: "I'm Mrs. Dowell, and I have turettes.  Bleep bleep bleepity bleep bleepo bleeeep."
FB Friend 1: OK, line up, single file, and the beatings will commence.  I SAID SINGLE FILE!
FB Friend 2: Introduce them to duct tape.
FB Friend 3: Tell them to make their way to the carpet and sit criss cross applesauce.
Casey: Hi, I'm Mrs. Dowell, I need to let you know I have short term memory loss... Hi, I'm Mrs. Dowell, I need to let you know I have short term memory loss...
FB Friend 4: Good morning, I'm Mrs. Dowell.  First things, first: Safety.  Your bunsen burners are already on- place your hand in the flame.  Hurts right?  Never do that.  Next, take the vial marked "HCl Solution." Hold this in your left hand, and hold your eye open with your right...
Alicia: Can't forget my Anatomy classes!  "These are your dissection kits.  Remove the scalpel.  Now pull your hair taut at your forehead...."
FB Friend 5: It says Mrs. Blair on your schedule, but expect you all to address me as Supreme Commander.
FB Friend 6: Good morning, what do you all expect from me?  From this class?  Oh, wait- you think I want to hear?  No, no, no... post your answers to http://www.idon'tgiveacrap.com/.
Alicia: Here's a permanent marker.  Go play Tic-Tac-Toe on the Smart Board (that's a VERY expensive interactive white board, BTW)
FB Friend 7: We are SO not ready for tomorrow...

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