A Rough Start...

So, school is right around the corner. I'm officially back on "duty" next week.  Waaaaaaaaaaaa.  I'm weaning Dax into daycare this week.  I don't like it one bit.  And neither does he.  :'( 

Dax sleeps on his tummy- he has since he was just a few weeks old.  It's a huge "no-no" these days.  But he was waking up about every 30 minutes at night on his back (even swaddled)- so his chances of a SIDS tragedy were about 1 in a 1000, but his chances of something else terrible happening because of a severely sleep deprived mother were much worse. He's been pretty much sleeping through the night since we flipped to his belly.  Anyway- they can't let him sleep on his tummy at Kids-R-Kids.  (They didn't care at Tigerland, so the thought never crossed my mind as something to worry about.  Or I would have- of course.)  I understand and respect their adherence to policies- but it made for an AWFUL first day at school. He bawled the entire time.  He arrived exhausted, and wasn't able to nap.  Then, once he was belligerent enough, couldn't settle down. 

I was distraught all afternoon and evening- wondering how I could solve this issue.  He has to be rolling over *both* ways for them to allow him to sleep on his tummy.  (And they still won't *place* him on his tummy.  He has to make it to that position on his own.)  So we worked on rolling the opposite way than he already rolls.  And, after 1.5 days, he DID IT!  We officially have a back-to-tummy and tummy-to-back rolling kiddo.  Now, he just has to figure out that when he goes down on his back at school, just flip over and drift off to dreamland. (I tried to catch it on video, but he started fussing immediately after I flipped out the screen.  Typical!  I still haven't captured the tummy-to-back roll he's been doing since he was 2.5 months old!  Mostly because he doesn't do it a TON, since he hates being on his back.  Why go there on purpose!?!?)

Anyway, this has turned into a ridiculously long post, when I really wanted to just blog about the following pictures!

These are the photos I sent to decorate his crib with.  He's got the coolest pad in Suite 100.  :)

And, my sewing machine came in!!  Sew I've been pracicing (HA!  Get it!?). I decided to create Dax an absorbant cover for his lunchbox ice pack because it gets condensation EVERYWHERE the minute its temperature drops.  I've got some serious perfecting to do, but I think it's a cute idea to try to sell over at Sweetish Baby!

I was initially going for my go-to child's character, a monster.  But realized it is really more of a frog.  Whatevs.

I even sewed in some velcro!  :)  I want to be able to take it off and wash the thing.

I freaking love this boy.  His day was MUCH better today, BTW.  He even showed a glimpse of his true personality with a few smiles and giggles for the girls.  He's going to be OK!

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Haffner's World said...

He IS going to be ok!!! Just keep telling yourself that - there will be really good days and bad days but then he will love it just like Ada!!