Solids, Ada's Art, Sweetish Baby, and Mama Bear...

Random post about some random things!  All photos are ones I took with my phone- poor quality, but cute.

Did I mention that Dax started solids, in addition to finally rolling the opposite direction?  It was a week of some big milestones for my widdle guy!

"I drew an airplane!"  And I thought it SERIOUSLY looked like an airplane.

She cracks me up.  Since I won't let her IN the jumparoo, she found a different way to play with it.

MorMor and I at a Sweetish Baby business meeting.  Someone is not working hard enough!

This is what I've been piddling around working on tonight- a onesie with interchangeable ties!!!  I've got 2 ties sewn and velcro on the ties and onesie.. and a TON of other adorable tie fabric.  I can't wait to put Dax in this for church on Sunday!  :)

 And, to close out this random late-night weekend blog, I want to post a Facebook conversation on my wall today.  Dax was still having a rough go at daycare up until this morning.  You will see why everything is dandy at the end of the post!  :)

Alicia: A mama bear will KILL you if you don't do what you tell them to do with her young.  Just sayin'...
Facebook friend: Tonight at 10, a Katy-area mom goes on a killing spree..
Alicia: Local 22 year old daycare employee, loved by all, was mauled and left for dead in Suite 100.  Mama bear still on the loose- tranquilizers ineffective.
FB friend: Officials advising residents to let Dax sleep however the f__k he wants.
Alicia (about 20 minutes later): This just in!  Daddy bear- who is much taller, bigger, and hairier (and also a fairly successful salesman)- stepped in and resolved the situation in 5 mintues!
FB friend: Mama bear maims and mauls, but Daddy bear kills in one swipe.  Which is worse!?

... if you are having trouble deciphering that convo: Dax's teacher was STILL refusing to let Dax sleep on his tummy (even though he'd proven he could roll over 10s of times) because she hadn't witnessed the OTHER roll (which he RARELY does on purpose b/c the kids hates being on his back- the issue in the first place!)  She also won't let him sit in the swing longer than 30 min.  Period.  They are woken up and moved every 30 minutes NO MATTER WHAT.  So, Casey called the director and fixed it so I could quit worrying about it.  :)  Love you, babe!  (BTW- Dax was happy as a lark when I picked him up today, and had taken 2 very nice naps in his crib, on his tummy.)

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