BiRtHdAy G!Ft ExTrAvAgAnZa!!!

Well, the beautiful thing about having an AMAZING birthday party with AMAZING friends and family the day before your actual birthday, is that you get to play with all of your AMAZING gifts the e-n-t-i-r-e  d-a-y of your real birthday!

Here are some really funny pictures I snapped (cell phone, as usual- sorry) throughout the day of Ada having a total hay-day!
Ada nightlight from Uncle Christian.  "Gotta be careful, this can hurt my toes!  I should not touch this."

Ada LOOOVES her Tinkerbell outfit from Aunt Andi!  So does Dax...

Gimme that Tink dress!

Got it.  Lemme taste those wings.

LUNGE for it!

In fact, Dax started officially crawling at this very moment.  He wanted the dress THAT bad!  (Seriously, we have a real crawler, now- but his preferred method is still the army crawl or sit-and-lunge!)

Ta-daaaa!  (Notice the tinkerbell shoes from Mommy and Daddy, too!)

Fluttering around the house.

She would've gotten these boots eventually, anyway, since this is all she'll wear in the winter... so I wrapped them up and called them a gift.  She wore them in the 90 degree weather to the grocery.  :)

I found this tent (from Roxy and Bella!) pretty much in every square inch of the house at some point.

More dress up!  (Thanks, Aunt Kendra!)  And, a shopping cart with groceries from Mom and Dad.  This girl dresses very fancy for a quick trip to the store.  (We set her room up like a grocery store.)  :)

Ada really racked it up in the toy department- a singing bathtub Ariel from MiMi, a soft stuffed Dala horse from MorMor, a Barbie and matching pony from the Atlee girls, and a Target gift card she still gets to spend from Pop and Honey!  And, not to mention- much of the birthday party from Grams and Papa!!!  She played fervently with everything today- probably the best day of her entire life thus far. 
We went to her favorite dining establishment tonight- Fajita Willies.  I don't think she's ever tasted anything from the menu- she just likes to play in the sand box.  :)

I love this girl SO much.
And that's it.  Her birthday is over- she's officially 3.  How can I stop time!?

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