A humorously horrible morning!

OK, this is in no way meant to be a debbie downer post (wahhhh-wahhh-waaaaahhhhh!)... it does pertain to pretty much the most chaotic, ridiculous morning I've ever experienced, but I write this with a complete and total sense of humor!  I'm just going to write this in a bulleted list form, because I'm far too tired to make it a cohesive story!!!
  • Casey's out of town (doing something really cool!  Was invited to be on an "employee roundtable" of sorts with a few other Aerotek staff members in the region- he flew to Kansas City to have conversations with the Regional VP, and some other dudes that I know nothing about.)
  • Dax is cutting his two bottom teeth, so he was awake off and on all night- so we're already pretty drowsy and groggy when the alarm goes off at 5am.
  • I'm doing a huge osmosis lab in Anatomy today that requires 3 jugs of vinegar, 2 gallons of distilled water, 84 plastic cups, a roll of foil, and... get this... 8 dozen eggs. 
  • I try to get a head start and take a load of *crap* out to the car before I am also taking more crap, 2 kids, the kids' crap, etc. I drop 2 dozen eggs.  You know the rest... Thankfully in the garage, and in tightly knotted grocery bags.  Whew!
  • Dax is up and at 'em.  He poops.  That's bad enough for it's own piece of the list.
  • The poop gets everywhere. He poops more as I'm frantically cleaning.  I give up and bathe him.
  • Dax pukes.
  • Ada's awake- and actually being a total sweetheart.  Love her!  :)
  • Everyone is ready, and filing out the door.  I spill my to-go coffee.
  • Get out of the neighborhood onto Barker Cypress, and realize I've forgotten my purse.  Turn around to retrieve it...
And, I somehow remained calm through it all (ok, a few curse words were muttered)- AND made it to school relatively on time.  But, the thing that made me laugh so hard, and forget all of the above... was when Ada came running to me crying while I was making her chocolate milk.  Saying "Momma- I got a wweeddggiiee!"  I love these crazy pooping-wedgie kids!

Ada loving on Dax this past Saturday morning.  L-O-V-E!

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