Crawling, Pulling Up, and Best Smile Award! :)

I feel like I haven't posted in forever!  Lots going on around here- Dax is *officially* crawling.  After a month of trying to decide if he preferred the army crawl or proper crawl, he concluded that the real crawl is more efficient and much quicker!  I need to get a video of him- it's hilarious.  Seriously the speediest crawler I've ever seen.  (The video camera is maxed out, and I just don't ever have the time to upload them all to clear the memory- which reminds me- I have a ton of adorable videos I need to get around to posting, too!)

The instant he mastered the crawl, he tackled another milestone: Pulling up.  He's obsessed.  He'll pop up on anything vertical.  (In fact, at school on Friday he pulled up on the built-in bookshelf, was reaching for the toys on the top, and lost his balance-- of course he fell in the 2 square feet of unpadded floor in the entire room.  Now he's got a huge goose-egg on the back of his head!  He is ALL boy.  Already getting battle wounds at 6 months old.)
This entertainment is just a tad too tall for a good grip to pull to standing on... for now.  ;)

He LOVES to watch Murphy in the backyard.  And Murphy is sometimes bored enough to come and watch Dax back.

Ada and Dax watching Murphy together- she is the BEST big sister ever.  Dax doesn't know how lucky he is!

Get back here, Dog!

Looks like he's not content to just stand- climbing could come next.  Lord, save me.

I'm so cruel; but for some reason, I think when babies are standing in their crib after napping is the cutest thing ever.  Even if the water works are on. :)

Dax crawls EVERY where.  Sometimes I have to scramble to find him.  This particular instance I busted them BOTH in my purse!  Ada was stealing gum.

He has found nearly every door stopper in the house.  He could swat at them for hours, I think.

And Dax got an award at school!  Best Smile.  DURR!

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