Lately, in Phone Pix...

I am so bad these days about taking quality pictures of the kids.  One of my many pseudo-New Year's resolutions was to begin doing so- in fact, I am about to purchase PhotoShop with my recent Sweetish Baby profits!  Which I think will be some motivation to get out the "real" camera.  But for now, you'll have to survive on my phone snapshots!

Before we get to those, though- I have more Adaisms.  They all happened today, and I want to write them down before I forget them- because she had Casey and I ROLLING!  All of these happen either on a car ride, or about to begin one:

Casey: What's the name of that hospital in Katy?  St. Joseph? St. Jude?
Me: St. Christus?
Ada (from the backseat): SAY CHEEEEESE!

Ada: Daddy, I want my jacket- I'm so very cold.
Casey: It's in the trunk, honey.
Me: No, I've got it- here you go, Ada.
Ada: DADDY- IT WAS NOT IN THE TRUNK.  You said it was in the trunk, and it wasn't.
Casey: I'm sorry, Ada- I really thought it was in the trunk.  But you've got it now, so it doesn't matter.
Ada: Anyway, cars do NOT have trunks.  Only elephants can have trunks.

Casey & I, having a conversation...
Ada: DOTTIE! (Her pet dragon) You POOPED in your PANTS!  Oh my goodness.  Here, wipe with this.  And put these on.  Oh my goodness...

While getting everyone and everything back into the car after a family trip to the mall, I turn around to find Ada letting her cup of pineapple juice (from dinner) loosely hang over onto Dax's side of the stroller, and he was sucking at it FURIOUSLY.

And now, here are some cute pictures I've taken lately of random happenings---

I nurse Dax in the car everyday after school, and he figured out which contraption turned the windshield wipers on last week.  I couldn't keep him focused because he wanted to keep playing with them.  High, low, off, ultra-high.  Repeat!

I found Ada had unwrapped every piece of gum in a new package, and constructed a "sidewalk" on the counter....

I usually carry Dax in the papoose when we grocery shop, but recently purchased a fancy new one (that helps support his hefty weight better than the old one!), but doesn't let him face forward.  So he gets bored... so he got his first taste of the "car cart" at HEB!  (He used to refuse to ride in the shopping cart, which is why I papoose him in the first place).... 

...And he LOVED IT!  He sounded like a fire engine barreling through HEB with all of this squeals of joy!!

SQUUEEEAAALLL!!  And look at Sweet Ada, she is such a wonderful sister.  Love them both so so much!!!

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