Cancun 2012

Casey and I just returned from a 4 day vacay to Sunny Cancun!  
It was amazing.  Casey actually earned this all-expense paid vacation from his company (Aerotek) for being a total bad ass.  And let me tell you, no expense was spared.  We discussed repeatedly how we could never go on a vacation like this on our own dime.  Seriously. Mind blowing.  
(Let's put it this way- our room in the hotel where we were placed was 2 doors down from a Government official's suite, who had to have 24 hour security posted at his/her door!  Oh, and I'm pretty sure there was a Cartel member there.  I saw him.  To whack the government official perhaps?  These are the fantasies that are dreamed up as I lay drinking and napping on a beach.)

Instead of posting pictures in my usual boring, strict chronological order- I'm going to post my favorite pictures from the highlights of our trip first, saving the random photos no one really cares about for the end.  :)

How many attempts does it take a drunk photographer and 2 drunk subjects to get a decent picture at dinner?

5th Attempt- we'll take it!

We took a "Jungle Tour/Snorkeling" excursion- it was SO fun!  We all got our own little speed boat, traveled through the canals, and then snorkeled at the coral reef off of the coast!
Follow the leader!
Mangroves along the canal- this picture is for Kendra!!

An old shipwreck statue at the bottom of the area where we snorkeled.

Those were the highlights of the trip.  Much of the time I spent napping, eating, drinking, or just lounging on the beach- of which I did not take great pictures.  Here are the rest of my randoms!

Ada and Dax had gift boxes filled with strategically planned presents to receive throughout our time away to ensure their (Ada's!) best behavior!  A BIG shout-out to MorMor, Geneva, and MiMi for helping us out tremendously with the kids!!

Room service ordered one morning.  It arrived after Casey'd already left to golf- the waiter could not help but give me the evil eye for ordering enough food for 3 people for my one person!
Yep. That's my pump.  We had a date every 4-5 hours the entire trip.  It wasn't nearly as much of a nuisance as I'd anticipated- and Dax ended up having 20+ ounces left over at home after it was all said and done!  All of those months of worry and extra pumping sessions paid off! :)

One afternoon, while standing in a circle and socializing- we looked down and realized we'd all pushed the sand into a large mound.  This even larger mound happened after that realization.  :)  Even later in the day, this large mound became a 2- humped mound that resembled a butt.

All of the people from Houston (with their dates) on the way to dinner on Thursday night- my flash was off AND the lady must have had a shaky hand! Oh well- we'll call it artsy.
Casey's DBO (boss!)- Nathan.

Typical dinner behavior.  Mind you- this is not a cheap restaurant!  
Dinner picture!
Wade and his date Casey
Me. In a sombrero.  Being serenaded by a Mariachi.
Casey's account manager when he was a recruiter almost 5 years ago!
This picture is per Casey's request.  He wanted to caption it "The last sound heard on the last night in Cancun: UUUUHHHGGGGHHHH."  {This was after two of those HUGE margaritas and 2? 3? Tequila shots. Sick.}

Chad and Crystal Collins- they just had a baby!

We were booked to fly first class on the flight home!  It was such a pleasant surprise.
{mobile picture- sorry for the quality!}

As amazing as the vacation was- it has never felt so good to come home to these 2 sweet peas!!!!!

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Megan said...

Looks like a great time!! And you look beautiful in all your pics. And the one of you on the bed is probably my favorite. :)