Dax- 11 months

Last monster photo shoot before my little man turns 1.  Oh, I can feel my heart breaking as I write that!  I love everything about him at every stage, but I just cannot believe his first "baby" year is over.  I feel like I missed it- where did it go!?  I'll save the mushy, sentimental, pity party stuff for next month's 1 year old sob story (just kidding, it'll be happy!)... and let's get to the cute stuff!

Dax says a few words loud, clear, and deliberately- in addition to Mama, Dada, and Ada- he has added "dog" and "no-no" (nah-nah)... he tells himself no-no, he tells us no-no, and he chants it as he crawls around.  It's definitely his favorite word.  Awesome.

He is so on the verge of walking.  In fact, he *thinks* he can walk.  He gets nervous the minute he realizes he's on his own and decides to crawl or grab a secure object.  But he sure wants down to walk the minute he's up in your arms.  He "walked" all through Lowe's the other day- much to my back's discomfort!

He eats like a horse- anything solid and real.  He just about refuses to let you feed him anything.  And you have about 4 minutes to get an entire meal down his throat.  Then he's up, turned around, and attempting to crawl out of his high chair.  He's totally a climber.

He blows kisses.  He waves "hi" and "bye".  He dances like a maniac.  He claps his hands at every chance he gets- so you can imagine how much he loves "If You're Happy and You Know It".  He seriously attempts the motions of "The Itsy Bitsy Spider"- he gets somewhat close with the first one (the spider crawling up the water spout)- but the rest just becomes clapping.

I love him to pieces- and here are our shots from the 11 month monster photo shoot!  
(I have quite a few cute videos of this month- I will cute and merge and do some other video-like things to them, and post very soon!)

What are you up to, mister!? 
His "toy" of the moment was his bottle of antibiotics.  Which is fitting for this 11 month monster photo shoot, since he was on antibiotics for ear infections basically the entire month!


Almost walking!

Just a little nervous to let go... but have no fear, Murphy's near! :)


Megan said...

OMG! I can't believe he's walking like that with Casey in the picture. Isn't it interesting how kids develop at their own individual paces? I cannot IMAGINE Jude doing that. And he's not far behind Dax in age. Wow. What a handsome, busy baby you've got.

Alicia said...

Oh, I bet Jude will be doing that before you know it, too!! I cannot believe how old they are getting! I can't wait to get them together when y'all get back down to Houston.