Fall 2011 School Pictures

I just broke the cardinal rule of "professional photography"- I scanned in the kids' school pictures from this past fall without consent.  And you can plainly see why I HAD to do it- I want to have these for my viewing pleasure for many years past what the cheap prints last!!  They are to die for:
Ada- 3

Dax- 6 months {The photographer requested that the kids wear a cute hat or large bow.  I sent this one on purpose, but they told me the photog almost didn't use it out of fear I'd be mad!  I guess some people don't get me...}

Sweet Sister and Adorable Brother
{These were taken at the end of September- I am just now getting around to scanning them in, because I am just now getting around to learning how to scan things in in our new printer!}

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Brent, Katy, Mia and Ben said...

AAAAADDDDDOOOORRRRAAAABBBBLLLLLEEEEEEE I could barf they are so cute! Ada is so pretty!!!!!