A Month {or so} of Videos

These are some cute vids I've taken in the last month or so--

This is Dax puttering around early one Saturday morning before sister was awake.  My favorite part is when he nods "yes" that he's ready for breakfast, and starts speed-crawling towards his highchair. :)

This is sweet Ada testing out her acting skills:

This kid's got some serious rhythm!  He's always bobbin' his head & clapping to the music in the backseat:

This is Dax having lunch over Spring Break {Ada was with MiMi & Steve at Kemah!}.  He was showing off his new move, the "strong boy":

More outtakes of "strong boy", with a cute nod "yes" in there, too:

And this is the kids playing around one afternoon after school.  Dax's newest thing is pointing to objects and stating "that."  Over.  And over.  And over.  Like my answer is going to change, ever!

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