A {expletive} {expletive} Day

Can I just say I feel terrible writing posts like this when there are SO MANY out there suffering way worse than we are.  Christian was just ABANDONED by a caregiver for an entire day, but doesn't feel comfortable pressing charges.  This horrific, illegal act by unnamed attendant then imposes suffering on others trying to pick up the pieces.  Etc.

One of my best friends, Caitlin, had her identity stolen last Thursday.  And $10,000 cleared from her bank account within hours.  And she's a single mom.  On a teacher's salary.  With the sweetest daughter in the world that is scared to poopie- which results in so much pain (after holding it for days) that she and Caitlin end up spending several nights a week awake off and on trying to relieve it.  

I know two families right now that are adopting orphans internationally through a program called "Reese's Rainbow"- one family is adopting a Down's Syndrome toddler, and the other adopted a 3 year old girl who is HIV+.  Now THAT is some heavy stuff.  (And amazing.)

The Schilhabs in general- running 2 precious kids to school, appointments, therapy, etc.  Like, daily.

But, since this is my measly little blog, I shall blog about my measly little complaints.
These are all of the medications that both kids are now supposed to be taking on a  daily basis- sometimes multiple times daily.   Dax has pretty much been on antibiotics since November, and has fought me with every fiber of his being each morning that I have to give him a small dose of whatever-prescription-he's-on-that-2-weeks.  So needless to say- looking at his stash (the right side, minus the nebulizer plugged in in his room)- I'm feeling pretty defeated before even beginning the regimen tomorrow.
Let's rewind about 15 hours, and start from the beginning.  Dax has been up off and on all night- which is typical these days since he's got a recurrent ear infection.  (His ear drum perforated for a 2nd time last week- have a I mentioned that lately?  Tubes scheduled for 4/30)  He wakes up and has a blow-out, needing a bubble bath- and I just know it's going to be a phenomenal day.

I have taken the afternoon off (Time that I don't really have.  And on the first day of TAKS review- anxiety central)- to take the kids to an allergy consultation, and then Dax's make-up immunizations (since he was sick at his actual 12 mo check up and couldn't get them).  They BOTH end up having fevers when I pick them up from daycare.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?

So I cancel the vaccinations.  Again.

We get to the allergist and wait.  And wait.  And wait.

Everyone is tired.  Hungry.  Sick.  Bored.

During the consultation (that ended up lasting almost 3 hours from the time we walked into the door to the time we were checked out, paid up, and leaving), Ada and Dax were more high maintenance than they've ever been.  Dax a)banged on the computer keyboard in some perfect combination of strokes to unlock the computer and pull up a bizarre screen (doctor was irritated),  b) yelled in my ear almost the entire time (kind of hard to converse with the allergist), c) became honed in on trying to get to/unplug a huge multi socket cord, & d)would NOT nurse discreetly so I could focus on the doctor and keeping Ada out of trouble (my boob was flying all over the place) and Ada a) colored in the 2 children's books in the room, b) wouldn't quit playing with the doctor's rolling stool even after being asked to stop BY THE DOCTOR, c) played with the sink on full water blast, d) refused to stop horsing around on the bench and of COURSE fell off- the step-stool breaking her fall so the ruckus was even worse, e) was constantly in my face asking trivial questions (Are we going home yet? Where's my pencil? Are you talking to the doctor??) f) I KNOW there was more happening because I actually yelled a few times, and the doctor had to request her to behave a few times, too.  (The doctor is great- but wasn't too tolerant of my kids.  Get out of pediatrics, lady.  My kids were annoying, but so are others!)  

In the midst of all of this, I am realizing the pathetic state my poor children are in health wise.
Ada: recurrent sinus infections (and runny nose), probably caused by allergies.  Her throat looks terrible from the constant drainage.  Her nose was full of pus / discharge as far as the doctor could see.  She will be allergy tested in 2 weeks (I'm trying not to think about it).
Dax: has a double ear infection (again? still?  He's not even done with his antibiotics he began when his ear drum bust last Tuesday!), sore throat, and rattly chest congestion- also partially cause by supposed allergies.
He's too young to allergy test, but she can do blood work to check his immune system (which will also show elevated IgE, an allergy antibody, and give us a better idea if in fact he is developing some allergies.  The fact that he had eczema as a baby is a slight indication yes).
She mentioned that his weight (25%) might have been suffering this year due to recurrent illness and "under the weather" feeling.  This breaks my heart.  She also skirted around the issue of asthma- sounds like he's got about a 50% chance of his current "crap" developing into asthma.  I want this taken care of NOW. Poor baby.

Check out: $500 on the spot.

Schedule to return in 2 weeks.

Get to pharmacy: $650 on the spot (see above photo).  Call insurance company to make sure prescriptions don't just have a copay- Ada is still acting up so every time I verbally redirect her, I screw up the voice activated automated system and get kicked out to the main menu.  End up with the answer I'd expected: just pay up, lady.

Good news: out entire family deductible is met and exceeded, and it's only 3 months into the year!  Guess Dax's tubes will be cheaper.

Drive home relatively decent.  Get home and check mail because MorMor had whipped up a taggie so I could monogram it for a girl that ordered and paid extra for a rush order- STILL not in the mailbox.  2nd time USPS has ended up on my $h!t list in a week.  Now MorMor is going to make a 2nd one tonight because she always comes to my rescue.  And I will be paying double to ship it to the girl in time.

Said girl is deployed overseas and purchased this taggie as a gift for a fellow airman whose wife is about to have their daughter prematurely.  Again, shut up with the complaining Alicia.

And tomorrow is Good Friday- which reminds me that Jesus died for me so I can freely sit here and live my little life.  He wouldn't want me to dwell on these minor details and bumps in the road- I should be thankful for everything in my life!  And trust that today was actually a perfect day.

Now I feel better- venting clears the mind! :) Betcha didn't think a post titled with 2 expletives would end up in a religious rant!  :)


Another Texas Family said...

Can I laugh at this?? I mean, parts of this of course...cause I feel bad laughing, but the whole description of your kids in the doctor's office--been there, done that!! Oh, and I hate to burst your bubble, but tomorrow is only Thursday. Hope you have a GREAT Thursday and next week is better.

Alicia said...

Doh!!! That is how long today felt!!! Tomorrow feels like Friday!!!! I'm actually chuckling to myself, too!! :) I always feel better after I put it in words- it seems so much more trivial when you see it written down.

The Hills said...

Man! You have every right to vent!!!! We've been down the allergy road if you want to chat about that. I'm a bit horrified and would like to whip someone with a wet noodle over your out of pocket costs :-/

Misty said...

I would say get your ass at home and get the kids out of daycare but then I was a SAHM for Alec and he was sick all of the time too. Haha. Kids. I had a hard time keeping my much older kidlets both on their antibiotics and misc meds the last 8 days. Trying to convince littles to take the nasty stuff is 100 times worse. Alec had allergy testing at 48 months. He was pissed and would not let them finish. I bribed and bribed and offered him so many things and he was yelling NOOOOOOO. Damn woman, get your drink on or benadryl on so you can sleep.

Haffner's World said...

I want to say thank you for writing this post!!! It is HONEST and REAL! Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one out there with kids who act up, have crappy insurance that won't pay anything, and that feeling when you realize it is only Thursday!!! So thank you for letting me see I am not alone!!!

Megan said...

I did giggle a little at your expense. That sounds like a horrible doctor's appointment. SO sorry. Maybe take some back up next time if possible? I understand if your husband can't go (mine never could) but an understanding friend? When the twins were one I couldn't handle their doctor appointments alone. I hope the allergy testing provides answers for all that sickness. I hope things get better soon.

Brent, Katy, Mia and Ben said...

Oh my sweet friend.... I feel your pain so very much. I am so sorry you had such a bad day.... I had no idea how sick your kids have been. I am praying that the allergy testing leads to some relief for them (and you).

Im hoping you had a hearty glass of wine that night...

Sounds like you need a shopping/pedicure day to vent to your friend :-)

Brent, Katy, Mia and Ben said...

Oh by the way-- I have a mom friend whom I LOVE that has been down this road and has a doctor that she tells EVERYONE about at school. Let me know if you are interested in his information...