Family Bike Ride!

Everyone is on the mend!!  Dax still has a bit of a cough, and everyone's nose is still running- but at least the infections are on the outs, everyone is eating, and Mom has figured out a good system for getting the majority of Dax's meds down his throat without World War III, IV, V, VI, etc each time!!  :)   

So we took a family bike ride today with our new pull-behind-cart.  The kids were a little iffy about it.  But it's a little safer than the bike seats, we think (with my coordination, it's not worth the risk!)- so we invested in this and new helmets and tested everything out this evening.  With a little pit stop at Kim's Creamery on the way home! :)  After the dose of sugar, they were in better spirits about the confinement down below!
Not much cuter than kids in bike helmets.

Love her!!

We're ready.  3...2...1....

I love the bright orange safety flag!

Daddy is going to do a triathlon in May, so this was a great bike workout for him! :)

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