Houston Aquarium

The last time we visited the Downtown Houston Aquarium, 
Ada was 10 months old and I blogged about it HERE!  So cute.  
It's funny reading that- I mourned returning to school that year, 
and leaving summer (and 24/7 with Ada) behind.  
Fast forward 3 years, and I struggled with the decision for a semester 
before deciding it would be best to be home with them!  
Looks like my 26year old wishes finally came true. :)

Dax's first ferris wheel ride!

Train ride through the Aquarium grounds- 

Carousel ride!

 Ada rode the gator- view the post I linked to above to see her on the same one 3 years ago!!

Inside the Aquarium- I was fascinated by this Moray Eel!

Ada wanted her picture taken with these barracuda. :)

View link above to see the same picture of Ada at 10 months as the one below-

Beautiful tigers- they were feisty that day!  The one pacing actually had just leaped toward and pounded into the viewing window!

Ada acting scared!

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