Last Post of Summer Week 1 :)

What a glorious week.  I freakin' love this summer.

We had some free time on Thursday morning, and walked up to the neighborhood park.  Where they also have a sand volleyball court.  Which is just a huge sandbox, in the kids' eyes.

Then we played on the park like maniacs.  I love the picture below because A) I think Dax is so handsome, and B) his drool stain looks like manly chest sweat.

That evening I finally indulged him and allowed him to play with the iPad. Except he was wearing an oven mit.  Not conducive to navigating touch screen technology!  He figured it out quickly.  Oh, the trials of today's generations.

Today we had our post-op consultation with Dr. Duncan about Dax's second set of tubes- they look great AND his hearing is normal! Hallelujah!  Below are pictures of him playing in the waiting room and office while we wait. 
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