First Soccer Game!

Ada had her first soccer game this weekend!  It was hysterical.  

Daddy got sucked into coaching (which he actually was really excited about!)- so Mommy was therefore volunteered for everything else!  Like making a cute schedule and snack sign up sheet, and creating a group photo room for everyone to share their adorbs pictures each week. :)

Here she is!  Ready for the game!

Mommy and Ada Bear.

 Hanging out by Daddy at first- not quite sure what to do!

Following the pack!

A few wedgie issues...

Ada's turn at goalie... Probably not her best position!

Loving on Daddy during Team Huddle!

If they'd given out penalty cards, Ada would have totally been issued Yellow a few times....  Lots of tugging on jerseys!

Papa and Dax cheering sister on!


Chasing the ball!  At half time she was in tears: "I j-j-just c-can't catch the baaaallll!"  
Poor baby.  How can something be so sad and hilarious at the same time!??!

 Getting her hands on the ball to throw it in!

A close up. :)

Getting tired- we only had 4 players, and the other team had about 12!  So we didn't do any rotating, and out kids were pooped!

Good game, good game!

And, here are some random videos of the action from my phone.