Happy 4th Birthday, Ada Grace!!!

Happy 4th Birthday to the sweetest, cutest, funniest, silliest, most creative little girl in the universe!  You fill my days and my life with sunshine and rainbows and LOTS of warm fuzzies!

This is Ada this morning bringing super soft sugar cookies that she made herself for her class today!  OK, I made them... while she ate raw cookie dough and decorated them with frosting and "sparkles" (sprinkles).  :)

And here are some cute videos I took of her yesterday at dance class - these are all a few seconds each, and totally capture her personality at this age!

(The only major "Ada Action" missing from these is her incessant pretending to be some sort of fuzzy animal!  She is a SERIOUS animal lover.  Once she decides on an animal to "be", she does NOT break character- except to gather as much information possible about the species, their habitat, sleeping and eating habits, how they are born, etc!)

"Cleaning the floor" with their tap shoes.  Ada took it rather literally.
Supposed to be doing the Tango with her partner.  They just twirled around like loons instead!
"Gracefully" waiting for instruction-
Twirling on pointed toes-
Ada's Arabesque-

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