Halloween 2012- Part 1

OK, first of all let me say that this post is more about how much I adore staying home with my kids and the mom friends I have.  But one of our outings coincidentally fell on a day when they were having "Zoo Boo" at the Houston Zoo, so I'm categorizing it into Halloween.  :)

So, here are some pictures of a BUNCH of adorable kids who are such sweet friends- and I am obsessed with their moms!  We *try* to get together once a week, but it usually ends up happening every other week. 
Ashleigh, Asher, Jude, Mia, Grayson, Ada, & Dax (not pictured: Luke and Kieran!)

Crawling through an aquarium in a see-through tunnel.

Sweet friends Dax and Jude watching a  baby elephant.

Dax and Asher intrigued by the enormous mommy elephant.

Precious big sister.

Picking out a pumpkin to paint!

Mia dying for Ada to look at her painted pumpkin!  Dax and Ada hard at work...


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Ashleigh said...

Love this post!! Love you and your sweet kiddos!