Adventures at Naptime- No Sew Heart Applique

Let me preface this by saying that I did in fact sew a few stitches on this heart appliqué.  
If you don't have a sewing machine you can either a) skip that step, or b) sew them by hand.  
I just like to know that it's a little better adapted for wear-and-tear with some mechanical reinforcements. :)

So, here's how to make your girly-girl a Valentine's Day shirt on the cheap!
1. Get yourself some Heat-n-Bond Lite or Ultra.  
Ultra is best if you're skipping the sewing part.  
I live for this stuff when machine monogramming.  Check out products at Sweetish Baby.  :)
2. Cut out a square of the Heat-n-Bond and follow the directions to iron it onto the back of your fabric. The square should be about the size of the appliqué that you want to make.

3. I used Word to make a heart template.  You could get crazy and free-hand it.

4. Use your template to cut out your shape- I like to secure it using a spray adhesive to prevent slippage.

Peel off your backing, and you're ready to go!

My daughter chose this ruffley pink fabric.

5. Iron on your appliqué.  This would be your last step if you're going no-sew!

6. It's going to hold up better if you can stitch a few- I used my machine, but hand stitches are just as nifty!

7. Trim those edges..


And then ask your cutie for a photo-shoot.  I'm sure she'll indulge you!

Those boots are to die for.

Nailed it.


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